Steph’s Tiny Floating Cottage

One thing I really am enjoying about writing this blog is the people I am meeting along the way. As I research and look for people living the small house life style it is fun get to acquainted with them.

This time I had the privilege of meeting Stephanie who is a member of the Yahoo Tiny House Group located at which I also belong to and recommend that you join.


Steph recently moved from Tucson, AZ to Portland, OR and is living in a floating home. Steph is a fantastic writer in my opinion and I will let her give you a brief introduction below to her home. To get her full story and look at more pictures please go to her blog called Coming Unmoored.

“What?!” you say. “What the hell is a floating home? And why in the world would you do that?”

Well, to start with, a floating home is a house that has been built upon a raft-like system called a “float”. Typically they are docked in a slip-space (or in some cases two adjoining ones) in a marina. Mine is sitting in a marina about 20 minutes outside of downtown Portland in the Columbia River. If you’re familiar with the area, it’s just south of McGuire Island and cycling distance to Blue Lake Regional Park.

My house started its life as a boathouse in the 1960’s. At some point, one of its enterprising owners began to carve out living space from the boat well. It has been remodeled by subsequent owners, each time expanding the living space at the expense of boat space.

Currently the living space is a little over 500 square feet. When I finish filling-in the boat well, it will be roughly 650 square feet. Small, I know. Even by floating home standards, which are still smaller than what’s happening on land.

Following are a few more pictures of Steph’s home. I will be writing a followup post with some resources and and other examples of small floating homes in a couple of days.

Please visit Steph’s blog and enjoy a great read!


Slip where floating cottage is located

Living Room

Boat well to be converted to Office/Laundry

Inside Boat well

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moonshadow - April 7, 2008 Reply

Thanks Steph for your blog. I also have a tiny floathome in Canada for the last 10 years. Love the alternative lifestyle.

I could go on and on about my Tiny home yet I have to check out the link on Tiny homes and enjoy others for the moment…. hummmm maybe hours!!

Thanks again.

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    Kent Griswold - April 1, 2009 Reply

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