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I have been following several people recently as they build their tiny houses and we have featured a few of them here on the Tiny House Blog. I also have the privilege of watching Jay Shafer and the construction of the Fencl that he will be taking on his East Coast tour in May. I hope to share some pictures of the Fencl with you shortly.

To build your tiny house you need tools. I want to do a few posts on the basic tools you will need to construct your home. In this article we will cover the all important hammer. Hammers come in a wide range of weights and styles. The article below shows you how to choose the right type for the work at hand.


I am a big fan of the magazine Fine Homebuilding and in the current issue they had a nice article on hammers. This article was based from a book called The Homeowner’s Ultimate Tool Guide. I have attached a pdf file with a chapter from this book about the different types of hammers and their uses, how to use a hammer and much more.

Please download the pdf file below and enjoy a good educational read. Also visit the Fine Home Building website for more great articles on building fine homes.


Download Hammer.pdf

If you enjoyed this article and would like the book it is available here from Amazon.

The Homeowner’s Ultimate Tool Guide: Choosing the Right Tool for Every Home Improvement Job

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Andrew - March 25, 2009 Reply

Just a little thing, but it’s Fine Homebuilding.

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