Dream Tiny

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“Live Simple, Dream Big,”

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”

It’s sayings like these that are engrained into our minds from a very young age and suffocatingly follow us through the rest of our lives. Our parents love us so much that they want us to succeed to the fullest. Be the best at whatever we do. Our friends encourage us to never settle, always reach for something more than we already have. The media teaches us that new and improved is always better. Continue reading

Tiny House Pre-Design

An Early Exercise in our Pre-design Process

An Early Exercise in our Pre-design Process

Guest Post by Grant Olson

Anna Marie and I met in a tiny home (or at least near to one) – a 7’x10′ cabin on wheels with a sleeping loft, a climbing wall, and a single light fixture. It was parked next to a chicken yard, and often mistaken for the coop.

We’ve missed that little house ever since we moved out.

When we first considered returning to a tiny lifestyle, we went through a bit of self-evaluation to prepare for the design phase. We called this the ‘presign phase’, and here it is, succinctly:

1. Goals

I work with a wonderful gal who frequently reminds me to ‘begin as you mean to go’. Not sure if we meant to go anywhere in particular, Anna Marie and I sat down one rainy afternoon to jot down some rough five-year goals. We didn’t take it too seriously, but it was enormously helpful nonetheless. It helped us to identify the most important facets of a prospective future (eating, traveling, farming and teaching) and encouraged us to think about qualities of a tiny house that were conducive to that future (kitchen-centric, mobile, outdoor-oriented, connected). Continue reading

The Real Cost Of Living Full-Time In An RV

Just as the more commonly accepted THOW forums go there is always that one question that is asked over and over and over so to does the RV community. It usually manifests itself as some version of “How much does it cost per month to live full-time in an RV?”¬† And as one would imagine there is no standard answer. The answer is highly personal and varies from person to person based upon personal living style and income.

Odom Family

r(E)volutionary disclaimer: We live on the road as an expression of freedom and discovery. We look for places that are either in the sun, near friends and family, or in proximity to a learning opportunity for our daughter. We live without consumer debt and have whittled away our monthly overhead. While I have a corporate day job it is a telecommute position allowing us to be on the road as a relatively young couple with a growing young lady. Our monthly income is consistent and we live on a budget.

From March 1, 2015 to March 31, 2015 part of our budget looked as follows:

30-amp Camp Site Woodsmoke Camping Resort $1,050
Cody’s RV Park $56
Reed Bingham State Park $23
Auto Insurance (truck and trailer) $196
Fuel $379
Propane $46
Utilities $63.47
Laundry $71
Mail/Postage $17
Groceries $375
Eating Out $225
Recreation $107.62
TOTAL $2609.09


No matter what month it is the fixed travel costs remain virtually the same. They are primarily what the above budge is based on. Some months we certainly spend less and other months we go higher. But all in all they are the standards.

Continue reading