The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge

Dan Durica models hardcore sustainability by converting other people’s trash into his own eco treasure.

When Dan first moved to Dancing Rabbit Eco-village, he didn’t have a place to call his own. He did, however, have big dreams for the world of sustainable agriculture. He planted a vineyard so that he could found an eco-winery. He used his expertise to enhance the ravaged soil surrounding the community, so that future residents could one day grow their own food. He devoted his time to teaching others about sustainable living, and became one of the most respected teachers in organic farming methodology in the area. Continue reading

How To Homeschool In A Tiny House

Make no mistake. Homeschool, Roadschooling, Unschooling…they are all a HUGE undertaking. The notion of not enrolling your child in a more traditional school institution involves time, energy, resources, and even space. If you have a tiny house or small space and a limited income or even no income, try not to become discouraged. It is absolutely possible to create a wonderful learning environment in a small space and on a small budget. We are doing it now and you can to. Afterall, it is about the education, right? And learning takes place everywhere, all the time!



When we first decided to build a tiny house we were only a party of 2. We had a desire to start a family but not right away so it never occurred to us that we should plan a tiny house that would accommodate more than two people and certainly not accommodate room for both living and learning, so to speak. But as you can probably guess we found ourselves becoming a party of 3 rather quickly. In fact, before we finished building we were already trying to figure out how our single level, 240 sq.ft. tiny house would be comfortable for two adults and a baby. As our baby become an infant and then a toddler our adventure changed as well. We decided to purchase a travel trailer and take to the open road. The trailer we chose was just 40 sq.ft. larger than our tiny house so with 280 sq.ft. we had ample room to live but didn’t once think about how the school situation might work out. We knew pretty soon after our daughter was born that we wanted to homeschool her for at least the early years. I have a masters degree in education so I felt completely capable of the task and we knew that K4 was not about sitting still and taking tests for 5-6 hours a day. But never did we realize that even 45 minutes of focused learning time a day would pose such a challenge. Between shuffling about for play room, eating room, sleeping room, and school room, it quickly became a frantic pursuit! Continue reading

Top 5 Tools For The Digital Nomad

Being a digital nomad or working in a location-independent capacity doesn’t mean you have to travel but rather that you can. If you want to work for a few weeks at a trendy Co-Op in Asheville, NC and then catch a moderately priced flight to Taipei for a few months of intensive Chinese submersion, you can. But to make the most of the fringe benefits it helps to have a few tools handy and with over 64% 1 of the American population owning a smart phone (utilizing an App system) it is more simple than ever!

Below are what I consider the Top 5 Tools for the digital nomad . They are broken down by category.


So you have built up some savings. You have clients on contract providing you with passive and consistent income. You have time to explore and a desire to learn more about a new culture. Where do you go? I would suggest Nomad List first.

nomad listNomad List is a directory of cities and their stats such as cost of living, temperature, WiFi availability and speed, co-working space prices, safety, food prices and more. Each city is assigned a Nomad score comprised of the outlined criteria as well as a Q&A forum that has relevant threads displayed in the city result so you can immediately enter a conversation about your potential location. Continue reading