Vina’s Tiny House – the movie

Vina's House

With a desire to live lightly and simply, Vina Lustado set out to design and build a tiny house for herself. With the help of local artists and craftsmen, Vina completed a 140 square foot off-the-grid home. It has set a standard for style and environmental responsibility.

By enlisting local labor and support, Vina’s Tiny House embraces the community spirit in Ojai, California. Vina’s greatest hope is to create a Tiny House Community which addresses affordable housing and environmental impact. It’s a concept whose time has come!

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Sol Haus Design | Vina’s Tiny House | Ojai, Ca from Chibi Moku on Vimeo.

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Tiny House Giant Journey and Deek

Giant Journey

Hey, Deek from here.

This past weekend while teaching a tiny house design class (Tumbleweed) down in Philadelphia (and after having one of the larger slices of pizza I’ve EVER seen- Lorenzo’s) I was given a short tour of Guillaume and Jenna’s gorgeous tiny house on wheels- one making a trek around the entire US (and Maritime Canada) as we speak. Right now they’re somewhere in the vicinity of NYC, so keep an eye out! They’re pretty hard to miss if you’re on the highway.

Anyway, here’s a full video of their house. The place has so many inventive space saving solutions, and clever decor and design approaches, that you’re bound to glean some new ideas from it, regardless of your personal tastes.

Its 20′ long, 8′ 6″ wide, and 13′ 4″ tall. The so far have pulled it over 3000 miles… and they’ve just begun!

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen

PS- October 25th-26th I’ll be having a very small/intimate Tiny House Building and Design workshop near Boston…. we’re limiting this one to 15 attendees, and that’s it! We’ll be doing LOTS of hands-on building

giant journey 3giant journey 6giant journey 7giant pizzaworkshop

Hob-Nobbin from Hobbitat Spaces

side view of cabin

A day in the life of our friend Colin. From a hob to the great outdoors of Garrett County and back. Not too shabby. This 425 square foot cabin is eco friendly, featuring recycled heart pine from the Carnegie Railroad shed. See different models and looks at our website Or go see 13 different Hobs in person at Blue Moon Rising in McHenry, Maryland. A special thanks to everyone at Blue Moon Rising, Moon Shadow Cafe, and Colin Ware Hob-Nobbin from Hobbitat Spaces on Vimeo. interior of cabin