Monarch Tiny Homes Half/Half

Monarch HalfHalf

Patagonian kayak guide, John, just purchased a Half/Half

from Monarch Tiny Homes. This model saves you time and money, efficiently propelling you to tiny-home living. “We build the first half” means the heavy lifting is done. “You finish the second half” means creative, custom interior design is in your hands.

  • In this video interview, John answers the questions to :
  • What made him choose to get into tiny house living?
  • What is he most excited to work on?
  • Why did he choose Monarch Tiny Homes?
  • Did he pay additional for electrical and other utilities?
  • Is he happy with the quality of the Half/Half?
  • What reactions has he had from friends and family?

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Small House Design Ideas: 10 Simple Passive Solar Tips

Be on top of your tiny house building game with these ten tips for passive solar tiny house design!

These top ten passive solar design tips will give you a good starting point in designing your own tiny house by using the sun to your advantage for both heating and cooling your home. Often these techniques are low-tech, energy efficient and environmentally responsible.

(Many of the houses mentioned in this article are located at Dancing Rabbit Eco-village. If you want to see them first hand, consider coming for a visit. You’ll be able to talk to several green builders, check out the houses they live in, and learn a lot about sustainable living in the process.) Continue reading

Nathan Mackenzie Brown’s Tiny House Lifestyle

Nathan Mackenzie Brown, eco-philanthropist and impact investor for the age of climate change, is living the simple life in his shack turned efficiency cottage: The Upcycle.

Over ten years ago, Nathan Mackenzie Brown moved to Dancing Rabbit Eco-village in pursuit of lifestyle freedom. You can read more about that in this article,  featuring Nathan and the philanthropic work he is doing as part of his business model, Integration Profits.  (By the way, if you’re interested in seeing this house, and all the other tiny homes at Dancing Rabbit Eco-village, consider spending three weeks with us in 2016 through our visitor program.  You’ll get to see several different styles of tiny houses together in the same place, and learn a lot about environmental sustainability.) Continue reading

Finding Inspiration In A Notebook

As the tiny house world has grown and resources have expanded it seems as if inspiration can be found everywhere. Whether it be right here on the Tiny House Blog or in Tiny House Magazine or via Deek Diedricksen’s Relaxshacks, there seem to be literally hundreds of blogs and images with more popping up daily. From single levels to double lofts to converted box trucks, inspiration is abounding! But how does one keep it all straight and narrow down interesting resources to actual possibilities? Is with Pinterest? Evernote? I submit (and have endorsed for years) the Inspiration Notebook.



Part journal and part scrapbook the notebook (not the Nicholas Sparks novel, mind you) is little more than a 3-ring binder with plastic sheet protectors where Crystal and I kept notes, visual inspiration, paint samples, materials spreadsheets, our printed budget, and anything else we felt would help shape our adventure.

The following video is actually a bit aged but is still a fine resource for creating and using an Inspiration Notebook.

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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

Larkspur: How to Live in a Tiny House with Kids

Eco-mom Kassandra Brown is on an expedition to explore love, belonging and connection while living in a sustainable tiny house with her kids.

Is there a correlation between the tininess of a house and the intimacy shared by the family dwelling within? If so, do close walls mean close connections, or do cramped conditions lead to cranky cohabitants? Kassandra Brown and her daughters, Jasmine and Kaylynn, have been an invaluable case study for me in answering this question. They live in Larkspur, one of the oldest and most storied family dwellings at Dancing Rabbit Eco-village.

Larkspur is not merely a tiny house; it is an evolving organism with a life of its own. It is a dynamic expression of its builders, several generations of owners, the land beneath its foundations and the community for which it has become a beloved landmark. Its form continues to shift and change in time with the needs of its inhabitants, even as their needs are influenced by the qualities of the house itself. Continue reading