Austin’s Open House

Austin's tiny house

Austin was only 15 when he started building his tiny house. According to Jay Shafer he is the youngest person he is aware of who is proving that anyone can build a tiny home if they choose to. Austin has completed building the Tumbleweed Fencl and he is scheduling an Open House for October 6th in Santa Rosa.

Austin has been very active and has shared his knowledge at several of Tumbleweed’s workshops. He is now 17 and a senior at the local high school.

The event is open to the public and is happening Saturday October 6th from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM in Santa Rosa, California.

You will need to get the address from Tumbleweed at this link as his privacy is important and we do not wish to publish it online.

Watch a video clip of Austin on “Extreme RV” below.

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neal - September 30, 2012 Reply

WAY cool. There are two things I can imagine teaching my now two-year-old daughter that would best set her up for the future: teaching her to read, and teaching her that she can build her own home, that she doesn’t have to be ruled by tyrannical views of home-ownership for the rest of her life. - September 30, 2012 Reply

Get a jump start on your tiny house build . step by step build series free for all .

Soody Harrigan - September 30, 2012 Reply

Hey Austin!
You rock like few others do. In any generation. Congrats on your drive and vision and commitment. You are so far ahead of the game at your age. You will reap the rewards of your efforts in ways you may only appreciate further down the road. Peace!

Lee - October 1, 2012 Reply

Hi Kent.
Despite Luke having a pop at Austin because a 17 year-old on his first build isn’t as accomplished as a professional builder (we’ve all got to start somewhere Luke) I would actually like to watch this clip. I just can’t get it to run though, no matter what I try. Is it a US-only feed or something? Any help/alternate links would be appreciated. Ta very much! 🙂

    Alex - October 7, 2012 Reply

    I remember seeing earlier info about Austin’s build and I’m eager to see how it went. I’m hugely impressed!

    I’m in the UK and unfortunately I can’t watch the clip either. I’ve tried Chrome and IE. A link to an alternative host site would be great please?

    I would love to go to the open day but it’s a bit far…

Sandra Allen - October 6, 2012 Reply

I sent this to my grandson when he first posted. I am so very glad he finished and it looks amazing. You should be very proud of yourself! While most kids are struggling just to pay rent on an over inflated rental, you own it outright. Kudos squared young man!!

Dean - October 6, 2012 Reply

Good job Austin – your’e the man!

Kenise - October 7, 2012 Reply

Congrats Austin, job well done

Jenny - October 7, 2012 Reply

my daughter would like to make her own ‘home’. too bad we cannot see the video, for some reason it is blocked.

Shell - October 8, 2012 Reply

You go Austin! That’s awesome. : )

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