Tiny House in a Landscape

Last month Lori, one of the Tiny House Blogs readers sent me this link to this wonderful tiny cabin in a landscape. The photo is listed as creative commons at Flickr and was taken by anoldent (not a real name). Entitled “Old Home Place” with the following description. You can link to to the photo stream here and see more pictures.

The summer after I finished school I set off into the mountains of North Carolina to build a log cabin, armed with a few books, and hand tools, but no experiance or skills. I set up my tent and expected it to take six weeks to build. Six months later I still hadn’t finished the chimney or started the roof. But this is what it looked like on a misty November morning a few years later.

I lived here for about eight years, and owned it for about fifteen years after I built it in 1976 with local fieldstone and oak logs I cut, peeled and notched on the site, working alone with hand tools. It had no plumbing, I carried water from a nearby spring, and I heated it in winter with about half a cord of wood a week which I cut and burned in the open fireplace. Eventually I moved into Asheville and had to sell it, but it was a large part of my life, and I miss it more with each passing year.

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  1. Kent the quality of the photos on your site is not up to par thru this web host. Sharpness is degraded and there are color shifts on all photos. Hopefully this is correctable;you had absolutely the BEST picture reproduction before. I love your blog and visit it almost every day.

  2. what a bitter sweet story…..All that sweat equity and love put into an absolute beautiful piece of heaven on earth….I was so saddened when I read he had sell it and move to Ashville. So sad………..

  3. That’s absolutely amazing.
    Did the guy go home at any point while building this, or just stick at it day in day out? How far did he have to travel to the shops for food, whatnot? I’ve love to do a project like this myself but probably wouldn’t be able to hack it :/

    It’s beautiful!


  4. Yes, 1984 was my year for going out and, with a partner, building a cabin. It was a different time to some degree. I wish you well and hope your living space gives you joy.

  5. Not a sad story at all, he had 8 years living in this paradise and another 7 to come and go when he could. Should any of us be so lucky to have the time and resources to do the same for 15 years? Beautiful setting.


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