Vardo Wagon Tiny Home with Kate and her Goat

With her daughter in college, Kate decided to knock some things off of her bucket list. These included extensive hiking, like doing the Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and the Continental Devid Trail.

Kate sold her house and started looking for ways to downsize via Craigslist.

She found this Vardo wagon for around $2,500 and pt around $4,000 into remodeling it for a total of $6,500. Not bad for a tiny home…

Little Leaf the goat

Little Leaf the Goat

The place Kate did the restoration was on a goat farm and several baby goats were born while she was there. This one she had gotten attached to and it became very ill. Everyone thought it would die but with medications and patience, she nursed Little Leaf back to life. Little Leaf now travels with Kate wherever they go.

Vardo Wagon Features

  • Roof – New roof just getting completed
  • Solar Panels – Roof-mounted for basic electricity
  • Kitchen – Easy-Bake Oven/built-in coffee maker/Fridge and Bread Box
  • Water – Backpacking water filter water and water bags.
  • Storage – Totes under the bed for clothes, shoes, and cleaning materials.
  • Bathroom – use campgrounds, gas stations. Eventually a composting toilet.
  • Wall Storage – Feather storage on the wall Kate uses for crafts.

What is it like sleeping with a goat? Sleeping with a goat is similar to sleeping with a dog without the smell.

Vardo Wagon Outside Features

  • Color – Changed color from brown to a more girly color and added artistic features
  • Bear Damage – Broke into outside food storage and has not been redone yet.
  • Reinforced Frame – Harber Freight trailer reinforced and made stronger.
  • Outside Cooking – Foldable table to use as an outdoor cooking area when weather permits.
  • Outdoor Screen – Watch movies etc. on an outdoor removable screen
  • Advertising – Kates’s youtube channel which helps support her and artistic pictures of her goat
  • Garage Storage – In front under the bed storage for battery and other odds and ends.
  • Jeep Storage – The back of the jeep holds her paddleboard, laundry soap, and other odds and ends. The backseat has been removed and has a bed for the goat while traveling and storage for hay and other goat necessities.

The Crazy Goat Lady

People are skeptical about how Kate lives and many don’t think it is real. Kate has also been dubbed the crazy goat lady but she doesn’t mind and loves her nomadic life.

You can follow Kate

The video below is from the Tiny House Giant Journey Youtube Channel.

Tiny House Giant Journey Video tour

Kate and Little Leaf

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