Tiny Camper Build

I built a simple tiny camper on a 4×8 trailer last year. My wife and I wanted something to enjoy for short get away camping that could be pulled with anything. We loved the old teardrops and based it off that but had a budget in mind and little trailer we bought used to begin the build. I finished it in about 30 days working on it a little everyday. It’s not perfect and was not intended to be perfect but it met our needs. I designed it with a back door as it was easier for a tall guy to get in and out. As well we didn’t need an outdoor kitchen, plus it saved money.

Birch plywood was used for sides and back with simple framing like they do with teardrop trailers. We insulated the floor, secured it to the trailer and also insulated the ceiling. We used good rv style windows with screens and a insulated door on the back. Simple electric with a light and a plug in is all we needed with some other battery powered lights. I made it so there was a plug to use at campgrounds if needed. My wife made custom curtains and helped me paint it. Being busy we just couldn’t enjoy it enough and decided to let it go last fall and didn’t take a long. A lucky couple bought the trailer to enjoy camping on the weekends. With the trailer it can be built by yourself for around $1500 to $2000 depending on where you source your materials. Everything besides the windows, doors, trim, and aluminum for the roof was found at a local big box store. The door, windows, trim was ordered online and the aluminum skin for the roof was sourced locally from a metal supplier. If you found some used stuff for your own design that would save some money.

Although I have built things in the past this was my first experience building on a trailer and in a small scale. It’s a great learning experience for anyone looking to build and enjoy something tiny without a lot of cost. The best part is there is a variety of finish options you can do to make it yours from rustic to modern and it doesn’t take a lot of tools. With some research, planning, patience and willingness to give it a try, a camper like this is a good DIY project.


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Emily - February 6, 2018 Reply

Congrats! your hard work payed off looks amazing!

SUV Micro Camper - June 29, 2018 Reply

Thank you, that was the most simple guide I ever came across.

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