The Lorry Life

The idea for the lorry from not liking paying rent really. Then I started looking in the #vanlife movement and I liked t a lost and was planning a van. Then I found the tiny house movement going on in the US and I love all the ideas they were coming up with. I also like the idea of being self-sufficient. That’s why the lorry has full solar and rainwater harvesting. As well as this I build and restore vintage cars for work so love old vehicles and I wanted to have my own old lorry. They the ideas came together to form the lorry life.

Then I found the perfect lorry at the perfect time and just had enough to buy it. Then I had to build my home and after 14 hard months working 16 hour day just about every day trying to get the money to build and get the lorry made.

We have only been in it for 10 months and lots of that time has been recovering from the year before and finishing off things like the bathroom and floor. So traveling had been limited to one trip to Wales. We hope to travel a lot more soon.

Tom and Soph

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