Roten Ranch Update

by Paul Roten

It’s been a long haul. Short on money and manpower, but we’re getting there!

I bought a gently used commercial fridge at a neighbor’s yard sale last autumn and it’s now in place in the mudroom…and the range, microhood, and dishwasher are in the house, but not quite installed.

As you can see in the photos, heated floors are in and on! Besides warming our feet, the dogs and cats love them too!

The countertops will be templated later this week and the lumber package for deck will be as well! Although the temps have dropped, the sky is crystal blue without a cloud in the sky!

Oh and by the way, the guest room has been used and enjoyed a few times already!

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Always wishing you the very best,
Paul and Shari

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Deb Stephens - November 4, 2014 Reply

Great job! I am curious if you will be off grid? Since you have installed the floor heating I was curious if you have to know how many watts that would use?

I am researching possibilities for when I build, which will be off grid. Your cabin looks like a great plan for passive solar. Thanks!

jipsi - November 4, 2014 Reply

LOVE the progress update on this smart, sweet little house! The up looks more like a standard 2nd floor than a loft…?
AND, I think your choice in selecting and installing ample windows is a great idea; depending wher you’re at, those windows are the best way to let in healthy sun light, and plenty of it! No one should have to sacrifice that sunshine gold to save a few bucks, as the added light will contribute precious value in the way of warmth in the winter, ability to cool in the summer, better mood(s) overall, and hey, indoor plants are not only pretty, they are GOOD for us humans and NEED those sunny spaces…. ūüėČ

Jane W - November 5, 2014 Reply

LOVE this design. My husband and I just moved from Idaho to West Virginia and we want to build a smaller home on some land.
One question though..when I try to click on the second link above, it takes me to the same story as the first link. Can that be fixed? I really want to see the pictures in between the first ones (of just framing, etc.) and the current ones (putting in tile and fridge). Thanks!

Nerida - November 6, 2014 Reply

Looks like you are on the ‘home run’ so to speak. Cant quite get the layout from the pics so looking forward to more when you are done. It looks like a happy move anyway.

Peter - November 7, 2014 Reply

Nice modest small home.
2 levels at 16X24 (obtained from previous blogs) yields 1088 sq ft. Sun room at 10X34 yields an additional 340 sq ft.

Total of 1428 sq ft. Nice modestly sized home! Wouldn’t consider it tiny. (it’s bigger than the 1200 sq ft home I just purchased last week).

Your design looks to be quite affordable, while including a good bit of creature comfort. I’d love to see a floor plan to get an idea of how you’re laying it all out.

Thanks for sharing your progress.

Paul and Shari - November 8, 2014 Reply

Thanks everyone for your notes. Shari (I) had a bit of an accident in Sept so the wording on our latest update is a little off….

We will do what we can to get a floor plan posted soon . No longer have a scanner so its a bit difficult.

We’re trying to get the steps on our deck before the temps D R O P next week!

Thanks so much everyone for your positive responses and the wonderful emails. YOU help to keep us going!

Building our home on faith, with family and friends,
Paul and Shari Roten

Marti - November 16, 2014 Reply

I like what I see. I live in what wouldn’t be considered a tiny house but heck, if’s half the size of my last one. I had a 2700 square foot two story Craftsman bungalow in Idaho. It was an awesome house, and I loved it when it was filled with roommates, then with a husband and child, but less when it was just me and the child after a divorce. So, I downsized to 1380 square feet. Still three bedrooms and two baths, but twice the yard, twice the garden space, and chickens and fruit trees now. Still, the kid will fly the coop to college and I’m thinking of one more down size. Maybe about 800 square feet. 2 oversized bedrooms. Or maybe 700 square feet and build a tinier house in a ski town so I can actually afford to ski and have a tiny home to come home to. Your house has given me additional ideas. Yeah!

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