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building cabin addition to rv garage

Pure Living for Life is the story of a couple in their late twenties and early thirties, Jesse and Alyssa, quitting their lives in the city to start a homestead from scratch in the country. They purchased five acres of land in the Pacific Northwest where they will eventually be building an off grid home using materials from their own land. They invite you to follow along their blog Pure Living for LifeFacebook, YouTube channel and Instagram.

While they have big dreams of building a completely off grid property and becoming completely self­sufficient, they realize that it won’t happen overnight. Journeys such as this start by taking one step at a time, and coming from the city, it’s not always obvious what steps to take.

our off-grid property

They decided that they want to do this journey as debt­ free as possible so while they build their house, they are practicing the art of living small by living in a 19 ’ travel trailer. Because they are in a colder climate with potentially harsh winters, and are completely off grid, it was not obvious how to keep the trailer from freezing in cold temperatures so they built a three ­sided cabin onto the end of their portable RV garage.

This cabin helps to winterize the trailer because it gives them a place to keep the wood stove without sacrificing the safety of the structure or RV. On cold days and nights, they keep the wood stove fired up ‘round the clock to maintain above­ freezing temperatures in their structure. The best part of all is that they built this cabin addition for just $300 by using reclaimed materials, and they own both the cabin and the RV outright. By living within their means, they’re able to get on the fast track to achieving their goals.

milling own lumber from property

The goal of Pure Living for Life is to help others that are looking to make the leap from cubicle life in the city to living off the grid or simply transitioning to a more simple way of life, free from the hustle and bustle of the rat race. Some of the things they cover in their blog include:

  • ­  Monthly expense reports of what it costs to make the transition from city life to building a homestead
  • ­  How to save money on building a home by being creative
  • ­  How to get ahead by making wise investments in your future and property
  • ­  Tips to living simply and living with less

building cabin addition to rv garage

inside structure

cabin built ourselves for 300

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Rebecca - January 18, 2016 Reply

I love what they are doing. I do have code in a tough county, but I was able to work full time. I know what they mean about not spending money, I have gotten pretty cold in my trailerstead. Five glorious acres! While paying this off, I keep redesigning and down to 400 sf and a garage in lieu of a barn. I learn on tinyhouseblog.comtthatcode allows a smaller house with garage attached.

Lulastic - April 10, 2016 Reply

I love the idea of taking it bit by bit and working on the place while living in the trailer. We did much the same thing, living in our bus before we moved into the yurt we built. Good work!

AwesomeSauce - July 25, 2017 Reply

I love that fact they do it all incorrectly and dangerously. Gowd it makes great viewing. Finaly episode is going to be like Fukushima

Scott Fisher - December 19, 2019 Reply

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Scott Fisher - January 15, 2020 Reply

Hi Guys, Is every thing ok. I haven’t seen anything new? I have been following you from the beginning. Scott

    Kent Griswold - January 15, 2020 Reply

    Hi Scott, we publish 5 days a week, not sure why you are not seeing it.

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