Primrose Bus Conversion

by Joseph Beal

I wanted to share our home with you! I’m an artist living in our 1959 Internatinal Harvester bus in Bend, Oregon with my love Karin. We have lived in it for a little over a year now!

We worked together creating Primrose with all recycled materials and did all the work ourselves.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and that it inspires you to step out and fulfill your dream.

living area

kitchenbedroomwinter in the Primrose

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    • @ambigrid review: This student is making a solar *cell* not a solar panel. The student’s technology is based on cuprous oxide which provides about 0.25V at 50uA per 0.01 square meter. To generate 9V at 18W this student’s solar panel would need to be 120m x 120m square. I assume that you mean you assembled a solar panel from silicon cells, correct? If not silicon, what technology is used in the cells?

    • Jonny, we will have Primrose at our outdoor market in Tumalo every Saturday and Sunday all summer long! Come by and visit! ????

      Tumalo is a tiny town just west of Bend like 5 min.

      Love from Bend ????

    • Patt, we use wood heat and insulated curtains in the winter. When it’s in the teens we use an electric blanket on our bed just so it’s not cold when we jump in then turn it off! Thank you for the enquiry, love answering questions about her.

  1. Primrose is the perfect name for this pretty home. I echo the question on winter conditions–the ceiling does not appear to have insulation but looks like you have a wood stove piped out of one of the windows. — and I see you’ve answered that question already. What about the commode/shower – are you using a composter? Are you guys plugged in someplace or solar?

    Not to be prurient – just that these are the make-or-break details to the “could I do this?” question that maybe lots of this site’s readers have.

    Thanks for the post & pix.



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