Flooding Hits Musician’s Tiny House

I’ve always enjoyed sharing your stories here on the Tiny House Blog. However, when I find out something like this it is not so much fun. However, I feel this is a chance for us to step up and help one of our fellow tiny housers.

Here is Bruce’s recent story.

My name is Bruce Dunlap and I am a jazz guitarist and Director of GiG Performance Space in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

12 years ago I built my dream house/studio on a river in the woods.

Two weeks ago on Tuesday evening, we had a true hundred-year flood just north of Santa Fe where I live. I was in my house and suddenly there was a wall of water about 30 feet high and 300 feet wide that came down the valley (probably due to the fires here a couple years ago.) The house was knocked off its foundations and drifted a ways down the torrent.

As you can see the porch and the front pillar were ripped off along with the wooden skirting. And you can see by the mud on the front of the house, the water was up above the high gothic window.

I managed to escape out the back window with the help of my neighbors. My car was totaled as well so I am basically starting from scratch again.

Bruce’s Go Fund Me Page:


And you can see who I am musically at https://brucedunlap.com

With many thanks in advance to you kind people,
Bruce Dunlap
tiny house before
Tiny house location before the flood
interior with flooding
Studio before flood
tiny house porch
Porch in front of tiny house before the flood
tiny house after flood
Tiny house with flood destruction
Bruce's totaled car
Bruce’s totaled car.

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