Brother and Sister Design Striking Tiny Home in Hawaii

Dan Madsen, also the owner of Oasis Skate Shop in Hilo, Hawaii and Mixed Plate Designs, has been building and designing since he was 12. From constructing tree-houses and small skateboard ramps to later, regular houses and very large skate ramps, Dan has become a skilled craftsman. He has spent the last decade working on numerous tiny homes including a select few featured on HGTV. He has gone on to create signature tiny-home designs that Paradise Tiny Homes is now making available to you.

Ellie Madsen has strong roots in property management and interior design. Absorbing all that she could while growing up with parents that not only managed multiple apartments but built a log cabin and renovated dilapidated apartment buildings, she carried that knowledge forward into her own rehab properties and vacation rental management. Ellie, while being hands-on in the construction of these artistic and one-of-a-kind tiny-homes, specializes in conceptual design and interior design.

These two siblings, after having been living in different states for a decade came back together after the passing of their mother. Feeling reunited by the importance and love of family, they saw that their two different but compatible skill sets could come together beautifully to produce some of the most unique and remarkable homes in Hawaii.

Their design features high vaulted and A-frame ceilings with an inviting curved roof in the center of this home above the loft. A giant circular shape takes form from two half-moon windows being joined in a bump-out on the back living room wall. A mango wood bartop is secured between the two half-moon windows providing a spectacle of a dining and workspace. The bathroom is granted more room than similar floor-plans, not only with the remarkable headroom but with the shower not taking a corner and instead creates it’s own! The blue-tiled shower extends outward of the structure of the home to sit over the tongue of its trailer foundation. When you look through the bathrooms open door, you see beautiful, clean glass and tile with light coming in through the roof. The shower being almost an addition has yet another roof pitch, only this one is clear letting in natural light from above which enables live plants to offer a tropical experience. Much of this home’s impressiveness comes of the details in craftsmanship, style, and livability. Hawaiian curly mango wood is not only used as indoor and outdoor bartops but also ties in the stair-treads, shelving, and window sills. Exposed Ceiling beams, tile detailing around window and backsplash, and stainless steel countertops add a contemporary edge. Beautifully decorated to keep things light and open, this tiny home offers substantially more than simply a practical living space.

You can find more information and contact them through their new company website: and through Instagram: @paradisetinyhomes

Photos and content source. Paradise Tiny Homes

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  1. This is absolutely stunning. Clearly the skill and craftsmanship combined with interior design intuition both considered down to the fine detail is what separates this from the herd.


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