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Kibbo Offers Home Bases, Community, and Rentals for Vandwellers

For people living on the road, the pandemic added an extra layer of complexity to an already challenging life. For these nomads, not having a safe place to shelter made the idea of owning land or buying a house more appealing, albeit a lot more expensive.

Vandwellers now have access to clubhouses and parking areas with Kibbo.

Photos courtesy of Kibbo

Things are about to change for these van, converted car, or camper dwellers. A new company named Kibbo plans to create a community for nomads for less than the cost of a studio apartment. For a monthly fee, Kibbo offers rental vans, a network of home bases across the western U.S., groceries and provisions, WiFi, and access to other adventurous nomads. Plus, you can pick and choose what you want in your Kibbo package.

Kibbo supplies a community and work space as well as kitchen and laundry facilities.

Founded by Colin O’Donnell, the Kibbo launch is scheduled for fall of 2020. The concept behind Kibbo is to bring together vanlife, clubhouses, and community for a new way to live, work and explore the West. Home bases for vandwellers will be located in amazing places such as southern Utah, the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, Big Sur, and Ojai in Southern California. Other locations are planned for the future.

“Unlike top-down, traditionally designed and built real estate developments, Kibbo is setting out to build the first of the next generation of cities: flexible, reconfigurable, designed and defined by the people that live in it, off the grid and sustainable.” – Colin O’Donnell, Kibbo Founder

Each clubhouse is located in a beautiful area of the Western U.S.

These locations will include everything a vandweller would need to live, work and play. Each clubhouse will have cooking and laundry facilities, common spaces for working or socializing, fast internet, and even excursion gear for enjoying the outdoors.

The clubhouse exterior and kitchen area near Zion in Utah.

Another aspect of Kibbo that makes it a major upgrade from your average campground is their option for van rentals. If you don’t have your own van, Kibbo has Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans available for a monthly fee. Each van includes an off-grid power setup, a full kitchen, bed and other amenities.

“Our members get a top of the line new Sprinter van as their mobile bedroom, and have access to clubhouses that have all the basic amenities they need: food, coffee, Wi-Fi, a place to work, and eat dinner, etc.”

Kibbo will also have Sprinter vans for rent.

Kibbo’s prices vary depending on what each member needs. The monthly membership is $150 per month with an initial $485 sign up fee (waived through the end of 2020). The Sprinters rent for between $1,500 to $2,000 per month. Other options include part-time access and special pricing for dual occupancy.

“With the pressure of months of quarantine fueling the desire for people to get out of their expensive apartments in the city to explore nature and connect with people.”

Learn more about Kibbo on their website or from O’Donnell’s Medium post on why he started Kibbo.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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