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Eureka Springs: The Land of the Treehouse?

Tucked into the Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas is the tiny, historical town of Eureka Springs. The hilly town’s population is only about 2,000 people, but the trees number in the hundreds of thousands. This might just make Eureka Springs the ideal place for treehouses since they seem to be everywhere.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas might just be the treehouse capital of the world.

Out of the many unique places to spend the night, the treehouse might just be one that we all want to do. Stemming from a childhood love of high places, nature, and secret forts, the treehouse feeds our need for all three. 

The Original Treehouse Cottages

These treehouses are also great examples of what can be built for both part-time and full-time living. Many of them have full bathrooms complete with tubs, full kitchens, large beds, living spaces, and outdoor dining spaces. They are really impressive for small buildings that are essentially floating or lofted above the ground on piers or tree trunks.

The Original Treehouse Cottages

The Original Treehouse Cottages

The Original Treehouse Cottages are located in two locations: on 35 acres of pine forest and in the town of Eureka Springs. There are seven treehouses to choose from including the blue Cedar Shade Treehouse with a wraparound deck. 

The Grand Treehouse Resort

The Grand Treehouse Resort has six treehouses to choose from and many are accessed by floating bridges. All the treehouses have full bedrooms and kitchens.

The Eureka Springs Treehouses, Caves, Castles & Hobbits resort goes above and beyond the typical treehouse. While there are nine traditional treehouses to choose from, the resort also has a treehouse shaped like a castle. This makes for even more childhood dreams to come true. This castle is even better since it stays within the parameters of a tiny house and not a fortress.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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