Elope with a Teardrop Trailer from Weddings on Wheels

June is the official start of the festive wedding season. Unfortunately, thousands of nuptials this year are greatly affected by the COVID-19 viral outbreak and the need for social distancing.

This year, the idea of eloping is looking a lot more appealing…especially with a teardrop trailer.

However, couples are now starting to look a little differently at the idea of elopement or microweddings. The Tiny House Blog featured a few microwedding ideas several years ago. One of the ideas was to hire a tiny teardrop trailer for a tiny wedding.

“MJ” Boyle, of My Tiny House Village, offers teardrop trailer weddings on wheels.

Michelle “MJ” Boyle, the owner of My Tiny House Village and a contributor to the Tiny House Blog and the Tiny House Magazine has taken the idea of the teardrop wedding to another level. Along with her tiny house rentals and teardrop trailer rentals through Oregon Teardrop Trailers, she is also offering Tiny Weddings on Wheels.

The packages include a teardrop rental, cake, champagne, and flowers.

MJ allows couples and their witnesses to order a cake, champagne, flowers, and photography services. All this takes place around a fully equipped teardrop trailer parked on her property in Oregon wine country. The best part is that the newly married couple can then take the teardrop off on a honeymoon road trip with an exclusive deal from Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

The couple can even take the teardrop on their honeymoon.

The packages start at $500 for a four-hour rental of the teardrop trailer including all setup and tear down services. Additions such as bouquets, tiered wedding cakes, full photo services, and photography while on the road with the teardrop trailer are extra.

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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