Ridin’ in luxury

I am in Southern California today after delivering my daughters car to her and will be driving back home here shortly. Eight hours on the road. Fun…

This is a cool little teardrop, built like a piece of furniture and with a price tag to go with it. Thank you Ben for spotting this.

William Landivar, 60, of Boulder Creek, has constructed a one-of-a-kind teardrop trailer that is a sight to be seen. Made of rich mahogany and white oak wood, the teardrop is 15 feet long and 7 feet wide and weighs 1,700 pounds.

Photos by Lucjan Szewczyk/Press-Banner

His modern teardrop, which he calls the Aero Madera or Flying Wood, is sleek and aerodynamic.

The inside is just as impressive, with leather and carpeted interior, a refrigerator and freezer, a two-burner gas stove, a sink and a television with surround sound.

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Ryan Mitchell - October 7, 2010 Reply

I love these teardrops, I am more of the backpacking type of guy, but I’d love to build one of these. It would have to be pretty small to tow behind my Smart Car

-Ryan Mitchell

Hillary @ ThisTinyHouse - October 7, 2010 Reply

Hey Kent, you’re in SoCal right now? Come on down to SD and stop by!

    Kent Griswold - October 7, 2010 Reply

    I wish I could but have to get back. I will try to do it sometime though as it would be fun to meet you and see your place.

none - October 7, 2010 Reply

“Flying” in Spanish is “Volando”, not “Aero”.

Perhaps “Aero” is short for “Aerodinámico” or “streamlined”?

Cathy Johnson (Kate) - October 7, 2010 Reply

Nifty! I love the vintage teardrops–and I just featured the new one my husband built on our shed blog! http://artists-shed.blogspot.com/2010/10/teardrop-trailers-are-ultimate-tiny.html

Tim - October 7, 2010 Reply

Very beautiful trailer!

Christina Nellemann - October 7, 2010 Reply

This tear is a work of art. $25,000 is a lot of money, but I’m sure a smaller, simpler version would be great to have.

Cathy, I love your Wee Small House Flickr set!

Drue - October 7, 2010 Reply

VERY heavy for a teardrop, but just gorgeous.

I have a Tractor Supply trailer that I’ve been turning into a miniature Aliner (like an Alite).

I’ll send pics if I ever get it done.

Guatemala tours - December 2, 2011 Reply

I want to experience this I hope I can build just like you’ve did. Nice invention I really like it.

Charley_sf - March 7, 2014 Reply

Hi Bill,

Beautiful woodwork! The Academy of Art U has one of these Teardrops, a pre-war one, I believe, in its auto museum with the car to match. Check it out! Charley

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