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Living Vehicle Tour with Matthew and Joanna Hofmann

I have been following Matthew Hofmann a young Architect since he started restoring Air Streams back in 2007 in Santa Barbara, CA. I’ve never been able to meet him in person or view his designs until yesterday.

Matthew and his wife Joanna are here in the northwest sharing Matthew’s newest creation and I had the privilege of a personal tour and a very informative and fun visit.

The Hofmann family mantra is “experience is the best teacher” and both Matthew and Joanna have taken this to heart. They have lived in just about every type of tiny structure. From a boat to a van to different types of trailers. Trying to understand what a person needs to really live comfortably and have all that you need in a small space.

The Living Vehicle is their design that feels this need. Honestly, it is hard to explain unless you have actually stepped foot in it.

I’ve been following its design and promoted it on the Tiny House Blog but until I stepped into it yesterday I did not see how this small space could feel so much like a comfortable modern home.

What stood out for me was the spacious living and cooking area, a luxury bathroom that you could walk in and feel spacious and comfortable. The skylights in each room bringing in the light and the generous windows and sliding doors that made you feel like you were living outdoors.

A spacious bedroom with a plenty of storage and a washer dryer combo. A spare bed in the living area that any company or children would be happy to stay in.

I’m not going to go into all the tech and storage of this unique home but I want to encourage you to visit Living Vehicle website to get the fool details.

I’m hoping my photos give you a little taste of what this might be like as a potential tiny home for you.

I also want to thank Matthew and Joanna Hofmann for spending a couple hours with me and showing off the modern mobile lifestyle option of the Living Vehicle.


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Holly M Olsen-Pierce - July 26, 2018 Reply

Any idea of a ballpark figure on cost for both types?

    Kent Griswold - July 26, 2018 Reply

    It’s on their website. The basic starts at $90k and off-grid $150k.

Ellen goldman - July 28, 2018 Reply

Absolutely beautiful home. How does it hold up in high winds?

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