DROPLET – New age compact camper

We just love camping!. We love waking up in the middle of the forest, walk-in grass fields, hear the wind in the tall grass, watch wildlife…. My partner, Diane, and I, had enough of shuttling up and down the stairs our old moldy camping gear. We looked for a simple way to carry our camping gear and sleep comfortably. Living downtown Vancouver, we don’t have much space nor own a big car. Buying a bigger car or a camper for camping didn’t make sense to us for everyday environmental and financial impact they have. We, therefore, looked at tiny camping trailers. We couldn’t find a teardrop trailer that would suit our needs. Simple, lightweight, bright. So, we decided to combine our experience in product design and engineering to create our very own easy to tow getaway: a modern, bright, Scandinavian and yachting-inspired teardrop trailer called DROPLET.

DROPLET is a Scandinavian-style, yachting-inspired teardrop trailer. The wide flush windows, big doors, bright cabin and the clean lines are DROPLET signature. It is built around a 6” foam queen size bed. The trunk hides a fully equipped kitchen with stove, 12V fridge, sink, fresh/grey water tanks and storage for your cookware.

The body is designed to reduce production wastes. For instance, the walls and doors are cut from a single 4×8 composite panel. The materials have been selected having in mind their environmental impact (As much as possible). The assembly process is borrowed from sailboats. Panels are laminated and glued together with structural glues. Nails and screws are kept to a minimum. This technology distributes loads evenly, absorbs vibration, compensates for material heat expansion and increases waterproofness.

We wanted it easy and flexible to use. Every appliance is portable (stove, cooler, water tanks, Lithium battery pack). Nothing worse than being parked at the end of the parking lot and stuck in your trailer when you want to picnic right on the beach.!!
We wanted it uncluttered, bright and easy to tow. It only weighs 950lbs with a 90lbs tongue weight. It is so light I can pick it up, spin it around and back it up in my tight underground stall. My Toyota Matrix 1.6l is also powerful enough to tow it up and down Alpine roads safely. And it only consumes under 8 litres during our daily commutes.

Our vision as a company is that once you have your gear, camping should be free! We, therefore, decided to dedicate 10% of our profits to building a free campsite for DROPLET users (Owners and Renters). The first 3 off the grid campsites will open in 2018 just East of Osoyoos, BC.

Our trailers rent from Vancouver, B.C, and with every rental, we collected the valuable feedback necessary to make modifications to for Droplet’s final prototype. We are now scheduled to begin a crowdfunding campaign early 2018, with a large Droplet production to begin shortly after our investment goals are reached. We estimate final trailer deliveries for Spring 2018. We recommend signing up for our newsletter to be kept up to date with the campaign.

Please stop by our website http://www.droplet-trailer.ca/

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