Bluedog Guitars Tiny Live/Work Boler

This is our 13 foot 1974 Boler we have been traveling in around Western Canada, the US, and Mexico since August. We can pull up anywhere, unload our cactus display stand and start selling our handmade guitar straps! We also have an online store at

When we tire of traveling, our plan is to set up our boutique guitar store in Vancouver BC, with the Boler in the showroom as a private space for people to try out guitars, as the acoustics in the Boler are amazing.

(Photo Credits Jenn and Paul)

Sleeping arrangements require the shuffling of a lot of the contents into our car, as we have modified the bed to become almost king-size with the use of two extra-large coolers, so the process makes it more of a camping lifestyle than your typical RV experience. We also have two rather large dogs, so a bivouac in a Walmart parking lot, in the rain, makes for some strategic planning.

Jenn & Paul

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alice h - January 22, 2012 Reply

Nice! Interior is in good shape and your graphics are wonderful. That cactus display is brilliant! I part time in a Boler up on blocks (frame issues and seriously sloped land) in the Gulf Islands but I’ve modified the interior for one-person living. No choice as it was totally gutted when I got it. One of the best mods was a screen door similar to this one It took a bit of fussing with a cardboard template to get the curved panel just right but it sure is worth it in bug country, especially on really hot nights. Probably be relatively easy to add a dog door at the bottom.

Lesa Kosteck - January 22, 2012 Reply

love it.. the paint job is awesome!… where did you acquire the “fruit hammock”?.. would love something like that in my kitchen… Best to You and Yours.. 😉 me

Mattexian - January 22, 2012 Reply

Cool paint on the trailer. Good to see folks with their dogs in a tiny house.

Kelly Kleiner - January 22, 2012 Reply

the fruit hammock looks like a string bag with dowels woven through near the handles to keep it open. maybe.

BigGoofyGuy - January 22, 2012 Reply

The paint job is really great. It is definitely an attention grabber. The interior is really nice too. 🙂

Josh - January 22, 2012 Reply

Very attention grabbing. What a great way to promote.

Jenn - January 22, 2012 Reply

Thanks for all the compliments! Much appreciated!

We got the fruit hammock at Camping World for $5.

The paint job is stunning and very well done. It was only $800 from Antonio Geraldo of RV Murals in Puerto Penasco, Mexico ( though he might charge more for his next full Boler!) He’s an amazing mural artist, and only 3.5 hours south of Phoenix, a safe one hour drive south across the border at Lukeville AZ. Email us through our website if you want his contact info.

V - January 23, 2012 Reply

for yesterdays image(s)

LETs give credit
They were the ones who posted the picture to their club site.
And this image had to be taken with a very long lens and perhaps with aviation equipment.
certainly credit is deserved..
want to see more?
go to googleIMAGES and use exactly
Cabane-Solvay and see other variants on it.
rather simple to give credit to the owner.

A little policy change i hope for contributed images to give credit would be nice…. how about it Kent? it’s rather simple to do…..

    V - January 23, 2012 Reply

    for more images of the mountain hut…

    Krisan - January 29, 2012 Reply

    What ARE you talking about, Spammer????

cj - January 23, 2012 Reply

Nice looking promoters in the 4th shot. 😉

ju...! - January 28, 2012 Reply

You must be kiddingme here! Trailer is supperbe paint, fabulous. I saw your guitar straps I think they are beautiful and sorry but underpriced !!!! I realy hope you sell lots and people are aware they get a good product for a very good price ! this is Art guys !

chase canadé - January 28, 2012 Reply

That is soooo cool! Love the idea you have for the guitar shop. Though I’m torn about using this as just a guitar testing area, unless you plan on using it for both a testing area with the option to take her back on the road again. Then out “sounds” like a great use for it. (pun intended)

Put me down on your emailing list, when you get the shop open, I’ll come by and test out out for sure!

Thanx for including this in the news letter Tiny House Blog, great read to start the day!

– chase –

Krisan - January 29, 2012 Reply

Absolutely my dream way to live!!!! Love what you’ve done with it, and kudos to the airbrush artist. Best wishes to traveling pups from my farm dogs, who also dream of hitting the road one day. Pooh on V, who obviously picked the wrong forum (aviation lens??) to complain. Don’t ask for credit when you can’t even find the right forum. BlueDogs is XCellent!!!!

Hunter - February 9, 2013 Reply

It goes without saying the trailer is breath taking, what cracks me up is the expression on the dogs faces. ” what are you lookin’ at?, never seen two dogs ready to hit the road again?” very, very happy family. the inside of your trailer is just great.I’d love to find something just like it. Where does every one find these great little trailers?

Jenn - January 23, 2017 Reply

We are now selling both this Bluedog Boler and our 2008 Honda Element:

Due to lifestyle changes, we are selling our much-loved 1973 13′ Boler with its matching 2008 Honda Element – both in excellent condition. This handsome pair was handpainted by an artist in Puerto Penasco, Mexico – we are having our company logos removed professionally before they go to their new home but the artwork will otherwise be untouched.

The Boler has been fully painted inside and out (clean white interior with dark blue upholstery), and has a Cherry Hardwood floor, kitchen table/bed, couch/bunkbeds, Shade-y-Boy awning, working original fridge, and two-burner stove. It has been stored in a heated garage for many years so it is mold-free and very clean! Ready to hit the road, but with room for you to add your decorating touch if you so desire.

The 2008 Honda Element has VERY low kilometres – just 82,500! We’ve done every service over the years, and installed a transmission cooler. A very reliable car, with recent winter tires. We also have the Honda Element tent available.

The pair can be viewed at our shop Bluedog Guitars in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Please contact jennladd(at)hotmail(dot)com or call 604-nine71-two893

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