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VPR’s Livin’ Small: The Tiny House Movement

Patti Daniels from VPR, Vermont’s News Source asks the question: “Could you live in a tiny house? And we mean really tiny, between 64 and 300 square feet. These small structures have been called economical, environmentally friendly, sustainable, and even cute. Friday on Vermont Edition will be listening back to some of our favorite interviews of the last year, starting with an exploration of the tiny house movement and why people choose to downsize so drastically.”

Listen to the answer on the VPR website here: http://digital.vpr.net/post/livin-small-tiny-house-movement

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Walt Barrett - July 17, 2013 Reply

Very nice job. Can you please tell me how high the peak of the roof is from the ground? I’m wondering about bridge clearance.

Walt Barrett - July 18, 2013 Reply

I’m still looking for the hight to the peak of the roof from the ground for the bridge clearance.

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