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Tiny Prefab Units Promote Eco-friendly Building

Tammy from Rowdy Kittens alerted me to a local article about some prefab units being built for parking lots in Berkley and San Francisco. Following is a couple of paragraphs from the article and you can read the complete article at SFGate.

A young San Francisco company that makes prefabricated housing is set to provide multifamily buildings for two urban Bay Area projects that its development partner hopes will become a model for eco-friendly construction.

Zeta Communities will construct the housing for the 22-unit developments, planned for parking lots in Berkeley and San Francisco. The projects will feature tiny living spaces – 310- to 340 square-foot studios – and no parking. Instead, they will include a car-sharing space.

The proposed four-story projects are the first foray into prefabricated housing for East Bay developer Patrick Kennedy of Panoramic Interests.

He said the construction technique conserves resources because fewer materials are wasted in a precise, factory building process, and the housing can be completed far more quickly than the conventional on-site approach. He chose two parking lots for development sites, he said, because they were perceived to be too small for other uses and are close to public transportation.

Read more: SFGate Photo Credit Brian Baer

A second story of a prefab house waits to be place on a trailer and shipped out of the plant.

The flooring an other construction materials are shipped inside the prefab buildings to the job site. This kitchen already has cabinets and counters.

A bathroom inside a prefab house waiting to be shipped.

Berkley and San Francisco Locations

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LeeAnn Balbirona - May 18, 2010 Reply

This kitchen is huuuge! As big as mine in my 1600 sqft house. Why so big?

RogerARTdotCOM - May 19, 2010 Reply

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Susan McReynolds - May 19, 2010 Reply

These are being built by a friend’s son- Patrick Kennedy- on the site of an old gas station. The map is slightly inaccurate…they are directly across from Whole Foods and within a 10 minute walk to UC Berkeley and a 5 minute walk to the BART (our metro). They are mere blocks to a major “gourmet ghetto” and on a great bus line. The street is EXTREMELY noisy (I have lived on it) but with proper precautions and duo paned windows it should be reduced to a minor roar. Two blocks to Alta Bates Hospital, awesome neighborhood (one of the most expensive in the Bay Area) and loads of great parks. Patrick has done a lot of innovative building around here, reclaiming vacant properties and this is one of his best ideas. I hope it turns out as well as his others.

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may Lanh - May 25, 2013 Reply

Many houses especially in tropical countries have air conditioners.
If you can’t find a black or blue instead of the standard white.

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