Tiny House Living #17

Tiny House Living is a weekly newsletter that covers the world of tiny houses and the people that choose to live this simpler life. Each entry is a short summary that links to the original article. Subscribe by Email to Tiny House Living and stay up-to-date on the news and events in our community.

In this issue: The Paper House; Small Living Journal – Why a Tiny Home?; Bush Babes; Ziggy’s Cob House; Jalopy Cabins; 8 x 20 Solar House; ReBurbia; and the Clear Village Contest. Click here to read Tiny House Living.


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EJ - July 29, 2009 Reply

I guess I’m looking in the wrong place- but from looking at this page its not obvious to me where to find the newsletter.

    Kent Griswold - July 29, 2009 Reply

    Sorry EJ at the bottom, I’ll add a link at the top and also on the picture, sorry about that…Kent

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