Tiny Free House Update

Michael Janzen has started to cut up pallets and build wall panels as of Friday, it’s very exciting. Thursday night Michael stayed up late and made some important changes to the floor plan of his tiny free house. he moved the door to the side, moved the pitch horizontally, and pretty much changed the whole thing so he could fit two beds and create more open space. The ceiling will also be a bit taller adding to the feeling of more space on the inside. He has posted more photos of his progress at TinyFreeHouse.com.

2 thoughts on “Tiny Free House Update”

  1. respected,
    i myself kachhot want to build a house looking for plans i have 100sqfeets land in this i want to make 2 bedrooms, drawing room and kitchen and also same space for four &two wheeler parking will it be get to from you.
    please help me out in the following.
    reply me on my email

    thanking you

  2. kachhot with the small space you have available your best solution is to build a 100 sq feet elevated cabin on poles with 3 levels using the top level for sleeping,the level under that for the bathroom and kitchen,next under that a livingspace for you and guests with storage. finally the open space underneath for your parking with a pulldown ladder and trapdoor.


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