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Yesterday issue number three came out of the Small Living Journal. This issue is about where the authors live and includes some great video of homes that range from tiny to not so tiny.

They include Stephanie’s floating house above that she is in the middle of restoring, and Kevin’s Gypsy Rose below. There is a funny video about Tyson which you don’t want to miss.(not everyone’s sense of humor so watch out) So if you haven’t already, go check out the Small Living Journal and enjoy some good reading.


The editor of this issue is Kevin and he says: Come on in. Take a look around. In this issue of Small Living Journal, we invite you to take a peek inside the authors’ own homes.

Once inside, you’ll quickly see that small living does not place limitations on creativity. On the contrary, we’ve got homes that float, homes that roll, homes for the city and homes for the country – small homes for all.


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2 thoughts on “Small Living Journal”

  1. Funny video? The only way that’s funny is if you hate the author or you’re mentally ill.

    How is living in a filthy shack the Unibomber wouldn’t subject himself to funny?

    If you think that’s funny, there’s a bunch of slums in Soweto that’ll put you in stitches.

    • We’ll I wouldn’t want to live that way and to be honest I don’t think he spends much time there other than fixing it up. You make a good point and it is well taken…Kent


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