RV Fire Lessons

RV Fire Lessons


Guest post by Ralph Sly

Over the last year or so we have been discussing the unfortunate situation of a lady who lost her tiny house to fire. I have commented and debated on several blogs and sites about this particular subject with the intent of making sure others have adequate coverage in addition to discussing several ways of obtaining coverage. I want to share this little project with you.

I blow my own horn as to past employment negotiating insurances and benefits for companies checking things out to be properly documented and the benefits of doing so.

I recently purchased a little Winnebago Brave to be a temporary home while we do construction on my little building to include a 250’ suite for me and an outdoor patio café. I am used to purchasing insurance in Alberta where the perils are purchased separately, but in BC you purchase a package which is Collision, Glass, Fire and Theft. Liability is separate and you can plate a vehicle under just Liability. When the perils were explained I told the girl I do not need Collision, or Glass, I just want Liability. I did increase their minimum, and I wanted Fire and Theft. We were joking around, the seller and I with the girl, and apparently she explained I have to have the entire package, but went back and forth in the computer to see what she could do. In short, I signed off of the perils package, me thinking I had Liability, Fire, and Theft on it as did the two people who were with me. SO MUCH FOR ASSUMPTION, and Mr. Know-It-All walked out with just Liability, lots of it grant you, but no Fire and Theft.

This photo, pulled off of the net, is as close to what I started with as I could find. It’s a perfect size and well equipped for a year of living beside my building and possibly a weekend or so away.

Of course, those of you who have read any of my comments may know I have to modify everything I own, it wouldn’t be right to just accept what is working. A good friend (lady I know) told me I could put it at her place, we would clean it up inside a little more, add a couple of creature comforts, fix some lights, and other small details before I parked it at my place.

WOW, check out my totally super brain powered renovation of this unit. I managed to complete it in mere minutes; this is my adaptation of a full flow through Air Streamed unit.

This people, is the results of full blown stupidly. Without a fire extinguisher, something to smother fire with, performing a stunt I have done hundreds of times before, (only with all the safety precautions in place) “priming a carburetor with gasoline.” Hell, I have electric fuel pumps, easy to install in fuel lines to draw fuel from tanks. I was in a hurry to beat darkness and get this unit, which ran out of fuel, into a storage compound. Guess what? It could have waited overnight, no reason in the world to do this at that time. I have AMA and could have had it towed to a garage and looked at by someone with a brain. Afterthought is great but all of them point to me being stone stupid.

The rear end of this unit is on the edge of a 35’ sharp drop off going down to the main road, when the fire started, I jumped from the driver’s seat; hand on fire, looking at 5 digits which were now, rather cute candles. Trying to survey the situation and find something to smother the fire on the carb, of course much larger now with the addition of the rest of the paper cup of gas which was in my hand. I used my armpit to put my hand out and thank God that worked, there wasn’t a lot of time to figure this one out so just went with it.

burned motorhome

Now, brain power kicked in, but not mine, I don’t have one. I think we can all agree with that. I had left a gallon of fuel on the doorway step and my lady friend immediately, when the fire started, calmly grabbed it and carried it far away from the fire. She then noticed the unit with me in it rolling toward the little cliff and calmly, but loudly said you are rolling backwards. I didn’t realize the unit was moving, but reached over the fire to put it in park and I’ll be darned, it took hold and stopped right on the edge of the drop off, but right beside my pickup.

I don’t know, I may have wanted to wait a few minutes to cook some hotdogs or something, but when the windshield blew out and the now raging fire blew at me while I was breathing in the fresh aroma of burning plastic I guess something must have said “hey stupid, there is nothing more you can damage so get the hell out.” I followed the fire out the open door, hit the ground, got up, and my friend then said, “Your pickup, the fire is going to get your pick up.” I managed to get into the pickup and drive it ahead and into a far away tree as I didn’t by this time have the strength to hit the brakes, I did manage to shut the engine off.

burned motorhome 2

Now then, I have damaged lungs from a life of working around crap, and with the introduction of the plastic, I sat there fighting for breath and weighing the options, looking at my hand, I have to say, suffocation is a better way to die then to become a crispy critter or worse still, surviving a few days as a burn victim. God bless burn victims!

I watched my friend heading for her home telling me she was going to call the fire department. Good idea because her only way out was the mountain road I so gratefully had blocked with a burning RV and if the wind changed, that would have been an “Oh Damn” moment. I looked in the truck mirrors with my head on the headrest, kind of content that I would just suffocate (that was quite calming) and was spared the burning live cremation of the moments earlier and noticed the fire now large and spreading to the forest.

burned motorhome 3

Here, I am going to get a little spooky on you. I lost a kid sister a few days before to cancer, we were very close and I have no idea where the thought came from, but it said you damn well better not quite on me there are relief meds in the cooler under your arm. Normally to find these I had to route through a bunch of garbage, but I just reached into the top, never open but it was now and the meds were on the top, dispenser clicked and ready to use. I just had to muster enough breath to suck them in and I did. These are good drugs so it didn’t take long before I could half-way breathe and do another puff. I seen the flames approaching my tailgate and started the truck, that tree must have been a small one because it wasn’t there now and I drove the truck ahead into my friends yard, far away from the inferno and was able to get out and bend over the hood to get some fresh air.

Oh, my, now for the good stuff, my calm and collective friend came to me, not quite as composed, half moist eyes and held me in such tender hugs, saying all the nice gushy thing a guy likes to hear. But first she called me a damn fool. She thought I was consumed by the flames when she saw the windshield blow. After thinking I was totally on fire she held me, kissing my face all over, and damn she was nice and checking me out for burns. I would have gladly stripped for her so she could check further, but foolishly told her I only burnt my hand and now it was sore. (It’s not like me to miss an opportunity, must be slipping in my old age, but she is a friend and I really didn’t want her to see all my shortcomings. To be honest, I really didn’t want to know if I was more burnt until the ambulance arrived. I had a few tingles.)

burned motorhome 4

I came out of this with what could only be considered a sliver of a 2nd degree burnt thumb and a finger. I would probably would have more injuries if I had done the modifications intended, because I am not only a little stupid but also somewhat klutzy and not that unfamiliar with this ache. The lungs, they have me a little frightened because I have maintained a rather high level of success with them, but they are fragile.


OMG, no fire insurance, none of this is covered and the costs are ridiculous. Just getting rid of the wreckage is insane. I had to get guys to clear off all the wood soot. Thankfully it truly burnt so there was little wood to be concerned about. But there is road cleaning, towing, out of province Medicare, the total loss of the RV, the ambulance fee, fire truck costs, etc. I don’t want to ask any more questions; the bills will come one at a time. I learned AMA doesn’t cover towing because the RV is on private land going to scrap. I could probably argue that one but we will see.

At this writing it has been a week and the RV still sits on site. I can almost bet the cop who asks me if I had anything to gain by burning it will send me a bill. And why, because I left that damn office thinking not making sure I had Fire and Theft. You never even step inside a RV without Fire Insurance; there are too many propane components not to have it. Had that girl made it very clear, without the Collision and Glass I would not have the Fire and Theft I would have purchased the package. Am I blaming her? No way! Obviously she feels she did explain, of course she did, I signed off on the line stating just that and have years of mouthing off about read what you sign under my belt.

By the way, for anyone who thinks I am not grateful to be alive, rest assured I most defiantly am. I feel I had two guardian angels that evening, one on the ground advising me and one in the heavens. This is very costly and came at the most inopportune time in my life, but I have life to live and things have always worked out for me one way or the other. It is devastating and a huge set back in plans, but plans change so we will just alter them a bit. (whole lot)

burned motorhome 5

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Dave Waalkes - September 25, 2013 Reply

That was a bad day. I think everyone can own up to an episode of painful brain-fade at some point in their lives; some of us can cite a litany of events to regret (but learn from, if we live long enough). You’re in good company.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Not really a bad day, just a miserable experience during what was a pretty good day actually! Brain-fade, thanks Dave, you are being generous.

Gail M - September 25, 2013 Reply

OMG! How awful…I’m glad you got out alive…This is why I havent ever installed a small potbelly in “The Titanic”, an old RV that I purchased to live in until my “tiny” was ready. Fire is terrifying. Thank you for sharing that with us

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    I am glad I got out alive as well Gail, fire stoves are good things if installed properly and dealt with responsibly (but consider the source of this advice) and yes, it was terrifying but when the windshields blew out and fire rushed out the door, I knew that was the only way to head.

Bernice - September 25, 2013 Reply

Humility must be an important lesson. Life gives us so many opportunities to learn it as we mature. I think all of us can relate to just plain boneheaded moments, even if we normally are very careful. May this unfortunate accident be the type of destiny that leads to turns in your path which bring only happiness.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Bernice, you are sweet. I am at maturity; deep into it so will go alone with boneheaded and think more about practicing what I preach.

Mary Louise - September 25, 2013 Reply

I agree with the above about doing dumb things that affect our lives, but you have to move on as you did. I’m sorry for your great loss, but happy you have survived to pass on your important message. Many hugs to you, and a kiss too.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Beautiful name, my eldest sister is Mary Louise, and I love her sooooo much. Ohhhh, more hugs and kisses, Love em. I love you Mary! I hope someone learns something.

Tiny House Systems - September 25, 2013 Reply

Sir, Glad you are ok. We all learn from mistakes. Maybe we should call this “Safety September” for Tiny Houses of all types. A basic safety drawing and a materials list of products are free for TH dwellers on our web site. Send this information to everyone! TinyHouseSystems

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Oh my, I wish I learned from my mistakes, been here, done this, just not to this extent. You have a good site, thanks for the link. “Safety September”, no, “Safety First”, live it, breath it, teach it and still mess up. What’s that line, “those that can, “Do” and those that can’t, “Teach””?

dan - September 25, 2013 Reply

Friend, Thanks for sharing!

This part really rings in my ear:

Obviously she feels she did explain, of course she did, I signed off on the line stating just that and have years of mouthing off about read what you sign under my belt.

I believe you have turned this experience in to a good lesson by sharing your story, who knows maybe you have helped someone avoid this same catastrophe today.

Thanks again,

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Dan, all my talk was intended toward educating but if this example works better then it was a good thing, sorry, no encores from me. At least it brought it to the forefront again on how devastating fire (or at least not considering end results of actions) can be. When signing and reading contracts one should leave tom foolery and concentrate, we were having fun and I just didn’t pay attention.

Marilyn Mcintosh - September 25, 2013 Reply

I am so grateful that you made it out of the torch. I had a mobile home that someone set fire to, with everything I owned and my dogs. A neighbor was watching it for me while I was on vacation. You just gave a perfect description of what I would have gone thru. God certainly blessed you that day. Now you are alive and well enough to start again. Btw, I had no insurance either.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    God blesses me every day Marilyn, he takes care of ingrate’s drunks and fools and I have been all of those, saints are sinners who kept trying. I feel sorry for your dog, I don’t know what I would have done if mine had been with me, if she was here she would have probably pulled my sorry butt out of there long before I had the sense to leave. You truly know the expense of not having insurance, whatever the cost; it’s cheap at half the price. Just disposal is a bank account killer.

David - September 25, 2013 Reply

If you are building a tiny home…

…or any home for that matter. Especially in areas away from emergency services. Fire hydrants, etc.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Great link David, thanks. I could write a book on the problems with not being around emergency or essential services etc., not from this experience but many others, however, LOL, my credibility may be somewhat tarnished at present. You make an excellent point…

michael - September 25, 2013 Reply

makes for one helluva story! haha

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    You bugger, lol, you must be a personal friend incognito, friend Roy told me, or it could have been Louie, (memories going also) that I should write a book about what not to do in life and it would be a best seller. LOL, I have to tell you about the packrat (the real one, the animal) sometime, not devastating, just downright embarrassing and comical, it put me in my place!

Francisca - September 25, 2013 Reply

I learned my own lesson about insurance, signing contracts, etc. My personal story involved not wanting anyone to think I did not fully understand – Insurance can be complicated. My fault, no doubt about it. But Buyer Beware is now my mantra – especially if I am doing the buying. Thanks for your compelling story…there is much I learned from your frightening experience. It is my hope that knowing you have helped someone else, helps your healing.
My best wishes to you. Live on.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    I cannot believe I of all people let that one slip by me. When the police officer ask me if I had anything to gain I told him I was only concerned about getting rid of the mess and wouldn’t have the nerve to claim the home because of my involvement which I didn’t deny and the price was small, a different story if it had been my Pinnacle, to me big bucks, which even in storage is insured to the hilt, that I am sure of and have double checked. Over a month since the fire, I am healing great and my lungs are doing well, I only lost a couple of days down time. Thank you and I am “Living On” (can hardly wait until my next dumb stunt) but want to live through that one also.

Erin - September 25, 2013 Reply

So sorry to hear about this devastating fire! And it has reminded me to get back on track about finding insurance. I just moved into a fifth wheel as a farm caretaker, and the insurance brokers I’ve talked to cant seem to figure out how to insure me for actually living in it fulltime. Who do you get insurance through? I’m in BC also. Hope you’re recovery goes well.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    I have mostly been living in one RV after the other for the last 4 years and often over the last 10, I have carried full RV insurance as I have had a home listed as a principal residence but check it out, again, consider the source of this advice.

alice h - September 25, 2013 Reply

So glad you made it through to call it a learning experience. I learned many years ago to keep a fire extinguisher readily available (not shoved in the back of a cupboard “somewhere”) though in my case it was just a bunch of burned wires that resulted from using a stovepipe and tiger torch to heat up the motor one Yukon winter so we could start the car. Lesson number two, don’t leave a potentially flammable setup unattended. Hope you bounce back from this one quickly and get back on track.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    I could give you 10 fire extinguishers and still have many to cover my happenstances, (just have to get them out of storage) I included usage thereof in all my safety meetings and seminars, the good old PASS, pull (the pin), aim (the extinguisher), squeeze (the trigger) and sweep (the bottom of the fire)
    LOL, had a long caped drill pipe in the driveway under the car (always parked over it) during winters in Thompson Manitoba and a tiger torch in the shed so have been in that scenario, many times, fortunately no fires or badly burnt wiring, just a little warm… At the time for me, (young, tough and stupider than now) lesson #2 would have to be revised to putting the car outside a window to watch it as staying with it for the time required at 45 below was the excuse for leaving it unattended. (The beer was in the house, and no I would not have been driving the car, just warming for someone else) Anyway, if the outer wall of the house got exceptionally warm I guess we would have figured the car was on fire?
    As always, bouncing back “well”, the track has changed and some things delayed because of the cost of all this but anything good takes a while to achieve, so the future is just a little more interesting. Truthfully, if I have another setback for a while, I just might take my boot off and kick the concrete wall, hell; at least that pain will be premeditated and if that doesn’t work, I will just sit down and cry. Then I will call Mary for some more hugs and kisses, I can be such a suck.

Yojimbo - September 25, 2013 Reply

Thanks for the humility and the humanity.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    You have stuck on a cord totally off the subject of this stupid fire. A few weeks ago, just before the fire, I was involved in a social event and my counterparts were being total jerks with flexible rules that made several people uncomfortable and unconvinced them. They were taking these not well thought out rules to the letter. Small problems and I overruled them on my own volition, broke the, as stated flexible rules, and made people comfortable and happy at no cost to the event. Many elderly and disabled were thankful. Hell, everyone was happy including the organizers who when they found out thanked me also because they did not recognize the ramifications of their directive. No big deal, no problem, just a bunch of happy campers.
    Now, a counterparts was ticked and tried to stop me but I am a fair size guy and it’s hard to be or even look intimidating because I always smile and joke around but with stern face explained to him, he had better not travel that path for health and safety reasons, his. (He probably could have taken me but would have looked foolish doing so LOL, now, what younger guy wants to be known for beating on the old feeble guy [but I am not dead yet]) I sent him to play someplace else and proceeded helping these other folks.
    Long story short and concluding this, at the end of the 3 day event, one of the vendors (a big old guy) watching and benefiting from my actions, on his way out, stopped, took me aside, looked me straight in eye and with empathy, said, “you are a very good man”. I gave him a big old hug with a proud of me tier in my eye and said it takes one to know one. Your thanks for the “humility and the humanity” has done the same thing for me today and in that I recognize a very good person recognizing that in my writings, if it showed that then it was done unconsciously. I have not always had humility, try to maintain it these days but have always strived to be humane to my counter parts on earth, be them human or animal. Thank you, it is always nice and generous to tell someone outright if they did a good thing, if not, then there are nice ways to tell them they didn’t. Start a movement my friend, you are equipped with niceness.

Craig - September 25, 2013 Reply

Great story, glad there were no Human casualties. Does anyone have info on insurance for an off grid Cabin? I presume most “Tiny Houses” can be insured as RV’s My 450 Sq ft cabin has now wheels….

    Craig - September 25, 2013 Reply

    oops NO wheels not NOW wheels

    Cheryl Martin - September 25, 2013 Reply

    In reply to insurance coverage to cover either your no wheels or with wheels; Contact State Farm Insurance. I recently contacted mine and sent her (Janet Symons https://www.google.com/#q=janet+symons+state+farm)some info on TH’s and found a way that either can be insured. Give her a call for more info. I also posted on the small house society’s yahoo group.

    I’m so happy you are alive and for the better. Best of Luck to your adventures.

      Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

      Thanks Cheryl, me to and I am sure many will thank you for that link…

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Craig sir, you bring up a good point with the human casualties and thankfully there wasn’t any but the fire fighters didn’t know that. Sylvia and I were standing at the gated entrance of her property not far from them but they couldn’t find us while the fire blazed, on the call to 911 it is advisable to mention that fact because the fire fighters tried to get in just in case there was someone in the RV. It was too far gone by the time they arrived and anyone would be a crispy critter if they were in there so recognizing that, they limited their actions on entering but still did try, thankfully no one was hurt other than my pride and thumb. These men are heroes and should have been informed of that before they arrived. As a past president of a fire fighters association, (man I am digging my stupid hole larger aren’t I?) I know how little information they receive before entering an inferno and many could limit their personal risk with more information. I cannot explain or thank the first responders enough and how they treated me once they found me; they are fantastic individuals to say the least.
    As for your insurance question, I, LOL, may be able to help, LOL, dam, I have nerve. There is something in the works I read on, and it could even be on this site or one of the others where a company is focusing on the TH’s so keep asking the question, or directly contact the bloggers. I did call a friend and they have one on their land which also hosts a conventional home and the TH is covered by their home owner’s policy as a rental property.

      alice h - September 25, 2013 Reply

      Another good thing to mention to first responders is the location of a propane tank or other explosive things.

Paul Jenkins - September 25, 2013 Reply

Sorry to hear about all the damage but glad you got out ok.

You can learn from any experience, good and bad! 🙂

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Thanks Paul, I hope it is a lesson learned? I will call a tow truck next time for sure.

Devon Martin - September 25, 2013 Reply

I just wondered if your copy of the signed insurance paperwork went up in smoke too. If it did, did you just take the insurance person’s word for it that you weren’t covered or did you request a full copy of what you had signed? I’m asking because I once was told I did not have coverage…. but I had a copy of my signed pages and I ALWAYS also initial each page in addition to the Signature pages so that no one can just insert blank pages behind my signature page which has been tried also. My point is unless since the fire you’ve looked at what you signed don’t just take their word for it, especially if all three of you there also thought you were covered.

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. It was very good of you to share with everyone the importance of reading carefully the documents before you sign. Hopefully they will also learn from me how advantageous it can be if you also initial at the bottom of each page of the document AND ALWAYS GET A COPY.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Good points Devon, (hang on, I feel a long response coming on) you are very astute, that is why the police officer had to ask the embarrassing questions. My paper work did burn up in the fire, I was sure I had fire insurance, just purchased the unit that day and was, in myself, positive I had fire and theft, when I told him that, he had to suspect arson and proceeded with his investigation.
    The next day when I was informed I didn’t, I go to the office (a hundred K away) and sure enough, big as life it was my signature beside the declining peril clause on the original, not a copy but on the original in clear blue ink. I couldn’t argue that, my signature is as loud as my mouth.
    Now, here is a point, if I had gone a day or two later, the file would have been in the tech system and they wouldn’t have had the original documentation at the office, I would have stewed and belly ached for days thinking I was in the right. I just got lucky it was not in the mail bag, then it would have taken weeks to get copies, another thing is, if I had taken out a permit to transport it to my home then I am sure the fire coverage would have been on it because knowing a little (less all the time) about myself, for one or two days I would have said yes, load it up as I have in the past. (I have a storey about that one with permits from Ottawa ON to Calgary AB where the insurance company messed up big time and I found out I did that trip without insurance in a very expensive vehicle full of household contents, that would have been a major pain with a law suit which still would not be over and that was less than a couple of years ago if anything had happened on that trip, no doubt I would have won that one but who needs the hassle?)
    The permit, in this case would have been the safe and heaven forbid smart thing to do because you can give the unit a longer run to be satisfied as you have x number of days to get your money back from the purchaser if you did not purchase what was represented, or so on. I had driven the unit over 100 k before I paid for it and was totally satisfied and accepted the small things that weren’t quite right. We are not talking a major purchase here and I felt I was getting a super deal; actually, I would have paid him twice what he was asking (it was priced much higher at one time, this was a co-worker who had been placed up against the wall and had to get rid of this unit so cut the price rock bottom, (I didn’t question his price, he was in a bind and I wouldn’t have been that insulting) without question if his price had been higher. I still feel that way. But no, not mouth all mighty here, I said plate and insure it for the year, what the hell, I didn’t dream anything would happen to it between there and home and if I had done so, I would have been dealing with a local office of ICBC, taken my time and made sure I had the coverage I wanted (or maybe I wouldn’t have, LOL, I am questioning everything these days).
    Anyway, I very much respect your suggestions about initialing every page; I have done that for years, you know, back when I did have a brain. (why does that jingle of the scarecrow from the wizard of OZ now run through my head) Good advice my friend, thank you.

Devon Martin - September 25, 2013 Reply

I wanted to add one other tip I learned the hard way. If you have insurance and then call, email, or stop by to get it changed in any way, always get an email or note in writing from your Insurer immediately verifying the change that was made.

    Ralph Sly - October 9, 2013 Reply

    Devon, you hit another home run, even after all this, I found a vehicle I own with no storage insurance on it, I wrote about that this evening to someone, it holds my shop wood working tools and many house hold effects. When I called to make sure all my other things were insured, I found out it wasn’t, I made the so called correction over the phone, checked back a few days later and there still was no change to my policy made so did it again and ask the girl to send me the email confirmation. They don’t like to send anything with confidential information on it so I told her just to send me an email pink slip and include a confirmation number on it and mail the other. They did that. LOL, there was no more information on the paper in the mail than was on the pink slip but let them have their way. By the way, with a house I have in Calgary, changing the policy to a larger deductable, they had me on $500.00, anyone who would put a claim in for less than a few thousand is taking advantage anyway, I increased that to $3,000 and ended up paying about $100.00 less a month and with the other vehicle insured for storage as well for my overall package.

    It is without a doubt a balancing act but I have to say, the gal in Calgary was far more into checking out my needs than the lady here. I started to think I had better look into my entire scenario and checked with the roommate I have in a house in Calgary, he has rented out the basement suite, I am there seldom if ever, he didn’t get the kid down stairs to take out TE insurance. Fortunately, I had a liability waiver on my household policy but it wouldn’t cover mechanical working of the building with a TE in there if we didn’t have daily checks on the place as it has a separate entrance. That tenant now carries TE insurance and there is a directive on it to call me if there is a cancelation. I have BF’ed it in my calendar to check every two months just for peace of mind. Then I ask her about a rider that was supposed to be on another old property I have of little or no value but bordering two very expensive buildings, mine is just right for vagrant inhabitation and who knows what could happen there. The guy who told me the rider was in place had been fired a long time ago for other nonsense advice but no one told me because there was no flag on the file and to be fair with the insurance company, how do they know who he made these fantastic claims with, and why? He did send me a pile of paper work around that time but I just filed it all. Yes they are checking files he worked on but if I didn’t find this out until it was too late, what a mess of a law suit that would have been, I would have to have burden of proof.

    I am back to being vigilant me, and they say retirement is the time to take it easy, my butt, you have to stay on top of these thing all the time. One thing about it all, by consolidating and changing policies and believe it or not, changing a mortgage around (caught that at just the right time) I knocked the hell out of interest and made a deal on a fixed rate payout (peanuts) penalty if I decide to sell before term which is in the cards.

    All and all with all considered and so to speak, the smoke has cleared, I am saving a substantial amount on a annual basis and now know everything is covered, and yes my friend, I have the paperwork, on file and copies in a safety deposit box with lots of confirmations on negotiations, “thank you”. This sound like a ton of stuff but is of no real value to lift me into opulence if sold, hell its hardly worth the cost of a clearance sale to travel and take care of getting rid of junk but I do own it and have to have the things around it covered. When the snow blows this spring, I am going to settle my estate if for no other reason than to lighten the load for my daughter when daddy finely dose bite the bullet and who really needs all this hassle. You gave some good sound advice and woke me up to checking out many things I just assumed were taken care of. I hope others do the same and just have a good look at their policies. I carried far too little here but far too much on other venues. The story of the shoe maker I guess. Thanks again for the sound advice.

YippeeK - September 25, 2013 Reply

Just consider the expense a tuition payment on life. Advice I once received from a mechanic.

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    Love it, mind if I coin that phrase. LOL, this and many other mess ups have made my tuition a very expensive education which I fear I will still be paying in the future. Never a dull moment in Ralphs World! I did get some good advice from a plumber after he fixed my toilet one time and that was, “never shake hands with a plumber”

stewart - September 25, 2013 Reply

Insurance is fraught with danger and it is well advised not to think of them as your friends they are not. More can be read about getting flooded twice in two years and I didn’t cause the flood.
See more at http://nrma.blogspot.com.au/

    Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

    “In the end, only three thing matter, how much you loved, how gently you lived and how gracefully you let go of things not for you” – Buddha

    You know, you get something from everyone, thanks for your blog Stewart and if you don’t mind, I am going to read this quote from Buddha a few times over.

    I have loved many, not referring in the passion way but truly love family and friends, people in general accepting their faults and graciousness alike, I am a gentle creature toward man and beast alike, even during my roughest periods but I do not fully recognize the things that are just not meant for me in a timely fashion. I lean toward trying to repair the totally damaged. Thanks I need to dwell on that, nothing to do with the subject written about but in something else far more toxic and unbelievable in my life than a simple vehicle problem. Oh, it is shelved and I am untouched by it but some things linger only to come back and tick you off.

    Your situation is bad to say the least and it’s a difficult situation to contend with. Mine would have been a simple situation in the long and short of it and at least an insurance company would have taken care of the disposal and clean up. I hope people get the message that thinking a little first can avoid catastrophe caused by a dumb stunt.

Ralph Sly - September 25, 2013 Reply

First of all I want to thank Ken for not editing my text, I am not a writer and was very apprehensive about publishing that story, you know, the apprehensiveness of the ignorant with grammar and spelling and all those egotistical things. (Especially when you are about to tell the world how totally stupid you are) It was a terrifying moment caused by an action many DIYers do on a daily basis when playing with old vehicles. It could only really be told by the fool inside watching the flames engulf a dream from the inside. If one person stops for a moment and thinks, remember that dam fool in Canada and the old Winnebago, could have killed him and would have served him right. It won’t stop the action, hell; I will probably do it again but not without the proper safety precautions and I am astonished no one pulled me up and asks why I removed the cover from the breather land what the hell was I doing holding the cup of fuel in my hand in a confined space, “good god”. That alone would have stopped the fire. Just loosen the nut and poor a little, (little) fuel in, then hand tighten the nut and if the unit backfires the fire goes out. (Generally) if not, then it is a small fire easy to contain (generally). Listen to me giving you a recipe to kill yourself. I wouldn’t read any more if I were you. Hell, I won a stockcar race in a 55 Chevrolet one time with a member of my pit crew running along beside the car pouring fuel in the carb from coke bottles because I was the only vehicle running and had to cross the finish line, another guy followed him filling coke bottles, I amazed they didn’t just use the fuel can to fill the carb. (that probably would have been unsafe) ?????????
And just why I felt the need to answer everyone who commented, well, besides being a yappy individual with sometimes too much to say as many of you may know (hey, I have mellowed of late LOL). If you take the time and show what I feel was legitimate concern I read here, then I most gratefully will answer. Smile at me, I smile back. Kiss me and I will probably marry you. (I have to stop doing that, it’s more expensive than the fire)
UPDATE: Lungs are doing just fine, a little shorter in breath than before but that could be expected, not really noticeable. My hand is fine, fully functional, a red thumb still for a bit but better than the ugly thing which was there a month or so ago and I still have my incredible cuteness. NOTE, for those not in the know, with a burn, just put it under cold water until the first responders come, no gunk or miracle thing to hold the heat in, then they wrap it and put something like a FLAMAZINE on it.
I did get to feel what suffocation would be like because in all likelihood I will suffer that one day and it doesn’t bother me as much as it did, not looking forward to it being prolonged but it was very peaceful. I could think of a lot worse thing to exit from. Fire is a good example, I am very thankful I didn’t go through that. Running through the flames out the door after the windshield melted or blew was braver than I thought I was but when the flames are climbing up your rear end, it makes you do gutsy things and you feet move, they didn’t let me down. The flames shooting out the door at least told me that was the way to safety. (I think, anyway, it worked)
The bills, getting rid of the wreckage was the worst in time, sucking up to land owners, not Sil, she was great but the unit ended up on the neighbors land and she was less than happy, (justifiably) wrecking yards and tow truck operators (but it was tow truck operator who told me the cheap route to take) was a pain and phone me back is something no one understands anymore. Making lots of phone calls lightened the financial burden a bit and I hope all the bills are in but who knows, I think the medical stuff was covered by my Alberta coverage, and other expected expenses I hope are covered under taxes and the liability I did have but we will see. (Have you any idea what a mature tree costs) I got lucky with the driveway clean up, thankfully it was gravel and hired a young dynamo to do that clean up. I ended up paying him 4 times what it took him and it was worth every penny, anyone else would have taken many more hours to do what that kid did. I also paid what I thought was fair to get the unit ready for the tow across town as these two old guys found hidden youth and prepared that thing like a nice package in no time at all, they got a bonus and I got a deal. I can’t believe I hired 3 guys who worked like I used to (either that or I didn’t work as hard as I thought I had LOL). The greatest moment was the high 5 I got from Sil when that wrecked thing was on the truck and heading for the wreckers.
Well, there you have it! Have a great day…

Kk - September 26, 2013 Reply

That kind of sounds like fraud to me. If you left that office clearly believing that you had different coverage than you actually had , I would go to the state ins commission .

If you believe the agent wrote the policy against your clear instruction, you may have some recourse .

The police and now federal government (Obama care) spend an enormous amount of our tax dollars being enforcers for the insurance industry . There must be some rule that protect the public against that sort pf bait and switch’

    Ralph Sly - September 26, 2013 Reply

    Kk, I may have answered you question in the next comments but also, I am Canadian and things are a little different here. Thanks for the advice.

Ann Tay - September 26, 2013 Reply


Great story teller you are, glad to hear you made out Ok and that you didnt have a lot of physical damage aka burns.

Now from the legal point if view, are you sure the girl doing your insurance policy didn’t make an error ? Especially since you stated you had a witness.

This happens all the time with insurance companies either not wanting to pay when they honestly know they are liable or an honest error on their part & them not wanting to admit it.

So what’s in your future ? Will you be purchasing another RV ?

    Ralph Sly - September 26, 2013 Reply

    Ann, Yes, I do figure she made an error, after I told her I didn’t need glass and collision she said, well, let me see what I can do, played in the computer for a bit and then a ok, ok, a time or two I honestly felt she found something and was sure she had. Then there was the no, no, and a bit more OK. Now, I cannot ignored the joking back and forth with Dwayne and I teasing each other about being old and her input, I am in a catch 22 both morally and ethically. I did sign the document and initial the refusal. I even questioned the price to be a lot for the coverage I purchased and she explained with the taxes plate’s etc. plate that was why it is so high and I said OK. Now, with all that going on, as a professional, I would have reiterated to the client, but I am a professional at purchasing these things and did not read everything as I should have. So, ethically, where am I, its more or less what losses do you eat and what don’t you. Or more or less picking your battles, sure I could take the time which is limited at present, hire a lawyer, well, at what added expense? Yes if one thinks I have a case they may do it on a contingency, if so then I know I have a case. You have given me curiosity to check everything over again but the loss in itself was not that great as greatness goes to make it worthwhile for a lawyer take it on with a contingency but I will ask. To me in my present situation it is devastating but truthfully in the past this was small change.
    In answer to your RV question, I have a larger Pinnacle stored in Alberta but it is too large to put down her, It was cheaper to purchase this one as temporary quarters to live in this winter while I work on my TH apartment and a mobile kitchen we have underway here. I am not going to be shy, I am in a spot but it is a spot I put myself into and where I can place some blame on health issues, other people, events and thing, which is BS when it comes right down to it. I did a stupid thing to cause this fire, but you like stories so I will tell you one.
    I was given a so called death sentence health wise about 12 years ago and circumstances found me on my own after a lifetime of having dependents; I am now over 8 years past that expiration date. Bloody doctors don’t know what they are talking about, hell I will probably be around for another 20 years. Anyway, death doesn’t frighten me; it’s just an extension of life. But here is the laugh, I became a little (lot) reckless with time money and judgment, hell, I even found a Cupie Doll (my age group) and married her, hopefully the divorce will be finalized in a day or two. As the story goes, I am like that guy who thinks he is going to die in a week or so and borrows a million dollars, goes on a fling and spends it all then the sucker lives, well, guess what, I am still alive also but the situation with me is a little different in that I can pull out of this with a little determination and effort, I, just on the border but can do it. I can’t say it hasn’t been fun. I don’t want to get complaisant and think I might really live the next 20 years because I am doing great day by day and if I give up that attitude then I just might crock. But yes, I am making plans and whatever I get done will have to be called completed on d day, if it’s a mess then it’s a mess for my poor daughter to clean up but she is willing and just says go for it pop (ya, she is daddy’s girl, dumb as a post but cute as a button). I do look forward to tomorrow but not a lot further.
    That stupid fire did put a screw into expedience with getting the café and apt finished for the winter but I will make out, not sure how at this writing but that is the interesting part, figuring things out. I was always the caretaker, problem solver and for 60 years, the guy who bailed you out and good at it. If I fail totally, then there is only one place to look and that’s in the mirror. Money, never really was an issue with me but now, not physically able to do the things I have to generate it, I don’t even want to go there LOL. Oh well, now I know how the other half lives. Yes I have friends who would bail me out in a New York minute but I am not going to leave this world owing them.
    Now, isn’t that just about the most insane thing you ever read. I live this crap, write about it and half the time don’t believe it myself but sure wake up in the morning with a smile on my face and wonder what absurd thing might come my way today. For many months, maybe over a year, I haven’t been let down one single day. No, no, there is so much enjoyment out of the ridiculous; I don’t want to miss any of it (until I have to of course).

ET - September 26, 2013 Reply

Why should insurance pay for “the results of full blown stupidly”?

I realize it’s popular to complain about insurance companies.

But in this case you did a stupid thing that cost you your vehicle and almost your life. Why should those of us who are careful pay for your mistake?

    Ralph Sly - September 27, 2013 Reply

    Why should insurance pay for “the results of full blown stupidly”

    Human error and doing thing stupidly without the proper precautions is the reason insurance companies are in business ET. That is what we insure ourselves for, It would be a safe bet that 95% (and I feel that is low) of all insurance claims are for an incident that was caused by human error, I have been involved in hundreds of incidents over 50 years and cannot find one that was not directly initiated by some form of human error, “not one”. I do not believe that could be argued. Human error is generally through stupidity, lack of training or proper training, thoughtlessness, poor judgment, a host of things. Unless you are a master of job task studies, then you would not go there with me because I am. Let me explain, this article was presented to show, no matter how capable someone fells they are at doing something; they can and do slip up. I am not a humble man, I don’t think I am inept, hell I have more achievements than two men my age, I have been a busy and active guy ET, I pride myself in perfection, not acceptability, but perfection as absolute as you can come to it. I have to curtail my self-centeredness and hell; I am as conceited as they come but I am also humble enough to own my mistakes, I don’t put off on others what I caused to happen.

    You cannot for a second believe that I woke up one morning and felt compelled to tell the world that Ralph Sly is the dumbest sucker even he knows. Do I know how to properly and safely prime a carburetor, done it more times than I can count from lawn mowers, outboard motors, diesel engines and gas? Do I have a clue or two about signing contracts; I would love to play ignorant on that one but can’t. I could go on for hours with the things I did wrong here and there is the point of the article. One becomes a smart ass and gets complaisant. If the overall magnitude of this incident doesn’t make someone think then what the hell was it all about? You’re focusing on the insurance angle. The lack of was the dumb thing and yes if it had been insured I would have defiantly put in a claim and had them do the clean up. Why do you purchase it anyway? By the way, I am in my 60s and have had one claim filed against me in 50 years of paying premiums. Yes it was my fault through stupidity; I let someone else drive my vehicle. I have owned fleets of trucks, no insurance claims, if we bent a fender, we fixed it and that comes under, shit happens.

    You realize it’s popular to complain about insurance companies,

    I don’t complain about insurance companies; they are a hell of a good investment if you can afford shares in them. Yes I hear horror stories but they are other people’s opinions, you do realize there is a saying that opinions are like rectums, everyone has theirs. I have worked very closely with insurance companies and the insured on claims; I have my opinions, good and disputable but don’t generally verbalize them. I haven’t here, once again, I reiterate, the only insurance problem is that I didn’t perform due diligence in what I should have and read what I signed, whose fault is that, “mine”, I am not blaming anyone else including the girl who administered the file, do I think she serviced me to the best of her ability, no, I do not, not to the best of her ability. I take the largest part of the blame for that because I should have recognized a bit of incompetence and the error myself and ask more questions instead of being human and joking around with friends.

    But in this case you did a stupid thing that cost you your vehicle and almost your life, why should those of us who are careful pay for your mistake?

    Yes I did a very stupid thing in not preparing properly, we have been over that issue and it did cost me a nice little vehicle, I think the photos make that obvious, you have no idea what that meant to me as a tool for some progress in my project here to help me out of some other issues. Yep damn near cost me my life, LOL, I was the one standing behind that driver’s seat when the windshield came out of it. I also learned that my appointed destiny for death is not a bad thing so that is a good thing. I don’t fear the inevitable now.

    why should those of us who are careful pay for your mistake?

    Now, with this one statement you lost me. Let me give you a bit of advice, “drop it from your vocabulary”, have you ever dropped a cup ET, be honest, have you ever dropped anything, and what caused you to drop the cup, if you have; you exonerate or at least gave me a general human action to find ridiculous fault for something else to have and blame this incident on because in all truth, I simply dropped a cup! Let’s go all the way back to the beginning, and annualize, the initial back fire and ensuing very small fire confined in the carb, it was, for that second manageable. I do just breeze over that, incidental at the time, here it has purpose; the paragraph just above the second photo indicates the fire got out of control when I dropped the cup. Was I startled by the backfire, is old age and health the factor, who cares, I dropped a cup but it contained fuel. Pay for my mistakes, that is like making the sanctimonious statement a fool makes to a police officer when they say, my taxes pay your wages. The amount of premiums you will pay all your life for your insurance won’t get past the monthly hydro bill of the smallest insurance company. They make the big dollars investing the premiums you pay and it’s those funds which pay out claims, I hope you do not ever have a situation to require an insurance claim because that would mean you are going to suffer a loss or damage of some short and I wouldn’t wish that on one of my x wives. Not only that, the cost of many things that could happen to you will far exceed the premiums you paid.
    Thanks for giving me something to do this evening, I am in an orchard scaring bears away from the fruit trees and do not have an internet connection in this old truck so will post it in the morning if a bear doesn’t get me first, lol, oh hell, it will probably just snack on an arm with my luck but this was enjoyable.

leili - September 29, 2013 Reply

Thank you so much for writing about this very frightening episode in such a vivid & memorable way.

It’s not likely that any of us here who have read it will ever forget it, and the valuable lesson your experience has impressed upon us so indelibly could quite possibly be a lifesaver for at least one of us someday.

You are a very, very, VERY lucky gentleman! Maybe you could come back & pick lottery numbers for us sometime? 😉

    Ralph Sly - October 9, 2013 Reply

    Leili, Just for an update on the Lotto, the ticket I purchased was for many long term draws, I went in today for a laugh and won a few more free plays on it so it’s still ongoing. But even if it cashes in on the big one, I am still happier with the one I won coming out of the fire. (I would have a lot of fun with the other though)…LOL

Ralph Sly - September 30, 2013 Reply

Very kind words, “thank you”. I really didn’t know how frightening until I spoke to my friend who from her advantage point thought she was watching me burn to death and couldn’t do anything about it. Unfortunately I do know that experience but haven’t thought about it for years, hopefully she can put it in the same box I put mine and that’s a place for things I do not want to relive. I really was fine through the whole ordeal because I seldom panic, that really wasn’t the place for panic but I am very happy my feet did and trucked on out of there.

The lottery, yep, I had the nerve to buy a lottery ticket on other recommendations and then felt I had a lot of nerve. I just won by getting out of that RV but you are right, I am a very lucky person, always have been and angles do really walk with me, thankfully. I feel being thankful for your blessings even the small ones make the downturns a little easier to accept as a challenge to get over them.

Amy - October 1, 2013 Reply

We prefer burn survivor not victim. I know the lose is a lot, but material things can always be replaced and people cannot. Thank God or whoever was watching over you that day!

    Ralph Sly - October 9, 2013 Reply

    Sorry Amy, I thought I already sent you this.

    Thank you for the correction Amy, the hint of how it could have been gave me immediate gratification of how little a burn I had to survive. I did feel at one point I would not survive suffocating and was fine with that, as a matter of fact, compared to the thought of going to a burn unit and having to survive for only a few days was a dreadful thought and yes, My power greater than I being my God as each of us understands their beliefs has always taken very good care of me in both answered and unanswered prayers.

Segina - October 1, 2013 Reply


You’ve the best thing in life which is humility. We’re sorry of your loss. We are in the same boat sailing in this ocean (corrupted world) trying to do our best. So don’t feel bad, you are not alone. Some of us made even bigger mistake than yours. Your article is great.

We just want to add some more things here; as Jesus said ” God hates proud & boastful people. The golden rule is do on to others as you wanted them to do to you. We are passengers in this life. When we die, we don’t take what we own. Life is short, therefore, we will be asked how much we have loved one another, if we were compassionate towards all human race especially to those who are less fortunate than us. Do we recongnize,God as our creator & respect Him as we should? Do we hate sin as our enemy, because it can make us blind spiritually, make our bodies sick & drives us away from the light, life, & love which is God Himself? or were we disobidient, lose people who don;t follow good rules that make us holy, strong in body soul, & mind? even though we know God will forgive us as our earthly father, we still have to listen to Him when He corrects us when we do something wrong intensionally. A father that doesn’t discipline his kids, doesn’t love his kids. God loves ALL man kind, He wants us to live with integrity, live a clean life, reject evil, accept good, stop sinning, so we all can go to heaven & live there peacefully & happilly”. Read; Daniel chapter 12, & Revelation chapters 20, 21, & 22. These are eye opening, hope restoring sweet chapters. There are others also, but this is good enough to just find out about human race. May God grant you peace, joy, tranquility, health for ever. Segina

    Ralph Sly - October 9, 2013 Reply

    There are other very trying recent events going on in my life which I haven’t given such pure thought toward individuals, understanding, acceptance or forgiveness for others behaviors and poor judgments. As you put it “sailing in this ocean (corrupted world)”. I suppose it can be but there is no excuse or personal satisfaction for me thinking corrupted thoughts toward those people of low morals and lack of self respect. Could this possibly be a hand slap, only one knows and if it is, I had better understand the message.

    Many biblical sayings come to mind, “for they know not what they do”, “turn the other cheek”. There are a host of written messages for acceptance. I simply review my past blessings and I have had many, a very enjoyable life with beautiful, kind and considerate people in it. Like I said to Terra, I probably needed an attitude adjustment and a minor alignment. I don’t know if it worked yet or not but being here to consider it is just fine with me. I do not fear death but can take the time to wait it out.

    Nice words Segina, you have a good life also and I hope all your blessings are as good as the ones I have had. Keep your faith my friend.

Terra - October 1, 2013 Reply

It is sad what you went thru. Hope you’re doing fine now. Give it time things will be changed. Nothing stays the same. Thanks for your post.

    Ralph Sly - October 9, 2013 Reply

    Not sad at all Terra when I consider an outcome much worse than this one. Sometimes we need a little alignment in life and this was certainly one for me. I have been on a bit of a reckless journey of late, tiring to come to terms with a life very foreign to me and will hopefully figure out what normalcy is.
    Doubt if I will figure it out but intend to keep living it until the powers say “that’s it”, time to real this guy in, thankfully the 20th of Aug wasn’t it. Kind words, “thank you”, all the people who have commented on this post have truly shown there are so many who live humane and generous lifestyles. It is refreshing.

nathan - October 6, 2013 Reply

It’s funny you had the same insurance assumption I also had.

I had my truck parked in my back alley for nearly 2 years thinking I had fire and theft because I made it clear to the insurance agent I wanted pl pd fire theft. She said ok. Do you want glass or collision, no. Ok.
I just happened to be by the insurance agency one day figured I’d stop in try and lower my rates, only to find out I didn’t have fire theft! Needless to say. Don’t assume! 🙂 my rates went up that day. My mind is at peace though.


    Ralph Sly - October 9, 2013 Reply

    I agree Nathan, on checking my insurance in Alberta, I have 3 units stored side by side, the ones on the outside have storage insurance on them and the one in the middle I found out had nothing on it and guess what, it is filled with tools and household goods. Like you, I now have peace of mind. Good advice, thank you. I have a grandson named Nathan, nice name.

WAYNE - October 8, 2013 Reply


    Ralph Sly - October 9, 2013 Reply

    Your accusation is ludicrous, I am 65 years old, and have emphysema, Parkinson’s and I am going to set fire to this thing and stand there waiting to make sure it’s going good before I get out? I pulled a lot of stupid’s that day Wayne but I have a hell of a lot to live for and have fought hard to still be here. I am not even going to defend my character with your insinuation. My mind doesn’t even go where you are.
    The things you don’t see around it are some very expensive homes (which by the way, I have no investment in) and this location is a cinder box, we were on fire bans for even the smallest outdoor cook out. If the wind had changed this story would not have been told by me or my friend because we probably would have gone up with the forest, and homes…the fight was out of me by the time I found safety. This road was the only way out. The stretch is, I was too stupid not to read and understand what I signed, and yes, the home was old and not of much value anyway. (This was not purchased to be a long distance or even much used as a camper purchase; I have a large class A for that use) If perils caused my insurance to go up much by cost, I would not have claimed the RV but would have to have the insurance company do the removal and clean up. This was an inconvenience to the lady who owned the driveway and with me and my state, trying to get it done took over a week. How do you think she likes me so far? I didn’t just drop by the insurance company, you have to remember, I just bought it that day and had to insure it to put it in my name and drive it away. I have explained that one enough. The moral of the story in case you missed it, I am an old bastard now, with years (some of it as a professional) of experience in everything I did wrong here. I got over confident and used pathetic judgment. The consequences could have been far more sever, without even taking the insurance into consideration. If people had lost their homes because of it or a first responder hurt, my god, what then. Anyway, I don’t even like to look at the photos now. This is not the amusing nonsense I like to talk about but do debate many things on these sites and if I feel I am right, you won’t talk me out of my belief but when I screw up, I own it.

WAYNE - October 11, 2013 Reply


    Ralph Sly - October 11, 2013 Reply

    LOL, sorry Wayne, I wasn’t upset. Just trying to figure where you were coming from with it. I may be living this a little too into the depths right now and over talking or writing as the case is and it may be time to put it to bed. If your ever in my part of the world, we will go for a beer, my dime.

    Ralph Sly - October 11, 2013 Reply

    I guess you missed the part where I just purchased the RV that day as well, that is why the insurance was bought then. I was just going to use it for a temp bed at my shack while we worked on that and then probably give it one of the kids or something. I am trying to build my place and live it also, that is not working out as planed either. this is not a domestic situation I really want to spend much comfort time in and just lucked out finding that RV for the price I paid. I do have a larger unit but it won’t fit here with everything else I have going on. In truth, I have bitten off more than I can chew. (for the time being) but then again, I seem to always do that these days.

Julie - October 15, 2013 Reply

Wow, that was some story!

I remember my first car, back in the 70s, a pretty robin’s egg blue Olds. I was driving down the road and saw smoke coming from the back seat. I pulled over and hopped out just in time. By the time the fire trucks came it was toast, and so was the tree I parked under.

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