Michael Janzen’s Projects

Michael Janzen, my friend and fellow tiny house blogger has been real busy lately and I wanted to update you on a couple of his projects.

First, Michael just put the finishing touches on the 8×20 solar house and uploaded the plans. Michael has posted the first version of the plans for the 8×20 online for your review. He would like your input on his plans so go here to check it out.


Second, Michael took the day off from work and took a half-day trip up the the farm the other day. He spent a few hours working on the Tiny Free House, shooting some photos and video. Michael hopes this is the beginning of a series of trips that will get him a lot closer to completing the Tiny Free House. Below is one of the videos and you can go here to see a few more of the videos he shot.

Third, Michael has designed a Murphy Bed to go inside of his 8×20 solar house. It’s a queen size bed mounted horizontally. This allows some space to walk around side of the bed past the main windows but more importantly allows the whole thing to fit under the ceiling. The bed is a bit higher than normal so that it clears the wheel well. See his Murphy bed post here.

Keep up the good work Michael, I personally enjoy seeing your designs and check your blog regularly to see what new idea you have come up with.


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Bob - August 7, 2009 Reply

I love this concept very much! I see building a small electric fireplace being built in the solar wall and placing a six foot slidding glass dooor over the oposit wheelwell. The bathroom is at one end and sleeping area at the other end and the middle open living space……..Great design….jolly good show!

This site inspires

All the Best


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