Merry Christmas from the Tiny House Blog

I want to wish all the “Tiny House Blog” readers a Merry Christmas and give you a little update on what has happened over the last year on the blog.

First of all a big thank you to each of you who comes and reads the blog on a regular basis. The blog would not exist without you, period!

There have been some big changes this last year and I want to list a few of them below.


  • Traffic – In January we averaged 1500 visitors a day. In November we averaged 4500 visitors a day.
  • Ranking – The “Tiny House Blog” to my knowledge has become the #1 destination for Tiny House enthusiasts passing even Jay Shafer of Tumbleweed and the Small House Society.
  • Theme – Clean new theme, easier to read and much more visual (Thank you Michael Janzen for such a great design)
  • Advertising – Less advertising in the articles, easier to read and less distractions
  • Facebook & Twitter – You can now follow the “Tiny House Blog” on both of these social networks

I also want to thank each and every one of you who sends me information you find on the internet and to those who step up and share their experience and story with me. Your involvement helps make this blog a success.

Some new ideas I want to implement in 2010 are:

  1. Weekly Newsletter via email
  2. Tiny House Directory – eBook
  3. Tiny House Book “Living in a Tiny House – Your Story”

In the last year I went from being a part time hobby blogger to a full time “Pro-blogger” and I have had several people ask me how it happened and a couple suggest that I write an eBook telling my story. I am seriously considering doing this and I would like to take a poll to see what interest is out there. I would have to charge a small amount for the ebook but will try to keep it affordable. If you would please give me your honest opinion in the poll below, I would really appreciate it.

“I am endless impressed by the fact that you are able to post so much
good content on your site. You put most blogs to shame! I personally
would be willing to pay for an e-book where you explain how you do it.
I’m sure a lot of your other reads feel the same way.” -Jeff

[poll id=”8″]

P.S. Look for a Sale and a new eBook which will be included with Sonoma Shanty Plans next week. I ran out of time and am out of town so was not able to launch it Christmas day as originally planned.

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Randy - December 25, 2009 Reply

This is, by far, the best tiny house site I know of. THANK YOU for making it possible! Merry Christmas to you and yours and I’m looking forward to more “Tiny House” in 2010!

DR - December 25, 2009 Reply

Merry Christmas to you!! I absolutely love this blog. It has become my favorite. I love the name and the clean look of the blog, as well as the content.

I think you writing your story in an e-book sounds like a good idea. The title that you have “..From hobby-blog to pro-blog” sounds more like you are writing about blogging. Maybe you could come up with a new title for your ebook? I love what you are doing. Keep up the great work:)

    Kent Griswold - December 30, 2009 Reply

    I’ll work on the title as that one just came to mind when writing the post. It would be the story of the blog and would involve blogging related information so people could learn from my journey.

Scott - December 25, 2009 Reply

Merry Christmas. Really enjoy this blog. It seems stable and accomdating – yet focused on what it most important for tiny house enthusiasts.
Thanks again, and look forward to 2010.

flobster - December 26, 2009 Reply

Merry Christmas. Thank you for finding all this nice and interesting tiny house stuff. I’m sure 2010 will be even better.

Arlos - December 26, 2009 Reply

Looking forward to another year of ting homes….

Heather - December 26, 2009 Reply

It’s the best blog ever. ūüôā

Daniel - December 26, 2009 Reply

Hi Kent and Merry Christmas!
Do you make your living on running this blog?

    Kent Griswold - December 28, 2009 Reply

    Hi Daniel, yes it has turned into a my main source of income after I was laid off early this year. My wife is a full time teacher so we are both thankful to be working…Kent

Susan McReynolds - December 27, 2009 Reply

Dear Folks- THANK YOU for such a great blog. I look forward to contributing to it when we are back in our “tiny cabin” this summer. With 8″ feet of snow already, it may be the 4th of July this year! Last year folks got in to celebrate Thanksgiving no problem, this year there was 2 feet of snow by Thanksgiving, 6 feet by December 15th, and another couple of feet since. California sure can use the wetness. I am planning to contribute which flora and fauna are in sight when the weather changes each year. I have turned on several other folks who enjoy the blog also. Keep on bloggin” Susan

Christina Nellemann - December 28, 2009 Reply

I second Kent’s Holiday greetings to all the Tiny House Blog readers. Thank you for your great comments and helpful tips!

Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell - December 29, 2009 Reply

This is a great blog, Kent. Finding it in 2009 was definitely a highlight of my year!

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