Fencl Update #4

Yesterday morning I headed up to Jay’s at the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company to check on the recent activity on the construction of the Fencl. The weather has turned nice again, so I expected some advances in the construction and I wasn’t disappointed.

As you can see in the picture above the installation of the cedar siding has started. The goal was to have it all on by the end of the day or at latest on Thursday with the final trim, etc.


All the windows are in place and most of the insulation is installed on the inside. I don’t have the details on the windows but understand they were bought at Home Depot.

A custom front door is under construction and I believe they will be constructing a custom door for the bathroom as well.

Jay is video taping and taking many still images of the construction of the Fencl and will eventually have a DVD available. I am just giving you a peak of what is going on but I hope you are enjoying it as much as I am. It is fun to actually see in person one of Jay’s creations coming to life.

I will be heading over to Jay’s next Monday to get another update so stay tuned for pictures of the completed siding.

See previous posts of the Fencl construction: Update #1, Update #2, Update #3.





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5 thoughts on “Fencl Update #4”

  1. Very cool! Refering to the top picture, what is the purpose of the vertical wood strips over the Tyvek wrap? It seems like you could just place the siding over the wrap without the strips.

    • I believe you could do it directly over the Tyvek wrap, but the carpenter said something like it allowed the wood to breath or something along that idea. Let me verify that when I go out there next time as don’t want to lead you incorrectly.

  2. Hi Kent, you are absolutely right.
    The spacers are one more Tumbleweed-typically well thought out detail. Imagine you’re driving with the trailer in rainy weather… increased venting behind the surface helps to dry the outer lining faster and prevents from rot on the inside.

    What an awesome new Fencl btw. I wished I could give Jay a helping hand or two…

    Cheers from Germany, Kai


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