Everyone’s welcome: The facade of the tiny house movement – repost

Naysayers claim the tiny house movement is just another white hipster trend, and for years I’ve been trying to refute that myth. Some in the tiny house community will explain that the movement is overwhelmingly white because it’s mostly white people interested in tiny houses. Hmmm….maybe where they live, but I can’t buy that argument. I started my tiny house journey six years ago in Washington DC, years before all the tiny house TV shows existed, and some of the first people I met building tiny houses on wheels were women of color, two single moms. The only other people I knew interested in building a tiny house community were three black women who were planning a community in West Virginia. Over the past five years, while building a tiny house and founding the former Boneyard Studios community, I have hosted and participated in more than 100+ events around tiny houses, and none of these events were all white. Yet whenever I go to national tiny house events they are overwhelmingly, if not all, white both presenters and attendees.

Repost of an article by Lee Para

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