Ecovillage Disability Assistant

Are you interested in learning about life in an ecovillage?

Do you want to get some experience living off the grid while helping a disabled person at the same time?

If you answer yes to these questions, then you should be interested in this work exchange opporutnity.

Nathan Brown who has helped me get the Tiny House Blog search engine ready is looking for someone to help him for a couple of months. Nathan injured his back and he is in the process of recovering. In order to aid his recovery he is trying to avoid activities that aggravate his back injury, which is where you come in.

• typing on the computer
• cooking
• cleaning
• household chores
• running errands in town
• cutting and stacking firewood
• moving heavy things
• yardwork

This is a stipend situation. Get the full details at the Dancing Rabbit site.

The ecovilliage has several tiny homes. Following are a couple of pictures.

Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown

Straw bale House

Straw bale House

Grain Bin House

Grain Bin House

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