Double Space Bed System for Small Spaces

John Gudenkauf of Tucson, Arizona has created the perfect bed for your small space or tiny house.

Double Space Bed Systems was created by the joint effort of John and Yani Gudenkauf. The original concept arose after researching and planning out the details to build a comfortable “tiny house” of 200 sf. Most very small/tiny homes utilize a loft-type bed to gain extra space, and for John (a semi-claustrophobic person), this would not do. From these efforts, the Double Space Bed System (DSBS) was born.


We started working on the Double Space Bed System in November of 2006. It was designed, engineered and built by John Gudenkauf, and design and utility patents are pending. We endeavor to build craftsman quality, elegant, easy-to-use products that will last a lifetime (or longer) in the U.S.A. We use eco-friendly/green products and practices whenever possible, and will offer eco-friendly/green versions of our products, as well.

To learn more visit John Gudenkauf Double Space Bed System.

Bed Up

Bed Down

6 thoughts on “Double Space Bed System for Small Spaces”

  1. It’s great. I love it. For small spaces like apartments and especially studios, a seating area that serves as a bed is a perfect solution. It’s not cramped and it looks stylish actually. Like a futon with class. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Assemble 3′ x 7′ shelf as window seat and for sleeping. Store bedding in a floor cushion. Use floor cushion at window seat to dine or as desk. Curtain below window seat to cover storage.


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