A year ago on Forbes.com, Micah Solomon wrote about the 5 key traits that Millennials share between themselves.

  • Millennials expect technology to simply work
  • Millennials are a social generation
  • Millennials collaborate and cooperate–with each other and, when possible, with brands
  • Millennials look for adventure (and whatever comes their way) and crave discovery
  • Millennials are passionate about values–including the values of companies they do business with

Some pundits have tried to label this post-Millennial generation as The Founders which is absolutely wrong. By definition founders establish something. What I believe we are seeing and what started with Hay and Dill and Kolbeck and is continuing with Bossi is the creation of The Builders generation. They are mapping out and building a future we are all trying to imagine. Like the trailer Bossi spent her life savings on, the foundation is in place; the concrete set. Now it is time to build. We know the planet cannot sustain life as we currently live it. We consume too much. We waste even more. We still hold on to the antiquated notion that bigger is better and that a home cannot transform a life. But that just isn’t true and we need a generation to build up on the foundation Jay Shafer and Dee Williams and so many others laid.