5 Tips To Starting A Small Container Garden


Living in a tiny house is often about sacrifice. It is sometimes a sacrifice of space, a sacrifice of privacy, and even a sacrifice of sanity. It shouldn’t, however, mean a sacrifice in fresh food or even the pursuit of hobbies. With the continued popularity of indoor herb gardens, countertop garden kits, and even kits for growing things like mushrooms and peppers, a small, indoor garden does not have to be on that list of sacrifices. In fact, with these 5 tips a springtime of fresh food and greenery goodness may be just around your corner!


While gardening often evokes visions of big, ripe, juicy tomatoes hanging from a large bush or a large, leafy runner filled with golden squashes, a small container garden is quite a bit more humble. Doesn’t have to be less savory though. Whoever heard of a great pasta dish without basil and oregano? These items tend to be some of the most expensive at the grocery store but are easy enough to grow right in your tiny house windowsill. Seeds can be purchased almost anywhere with a garden center and they tend to germinate and grow really quickly. Bed them down in an old glass jar or antique tin or even a more traditional pot. Whatever the case, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to snip off a few sprigs of rosemary or dill from your very own kitchen countertop.


Once you have some herbs taking root you can move on to lettuces and greens. Granted you’ll need a little more space for this endeavor but because a good lettuce plant is a “cut and come again” for at least three good cycles, they are perfect for your space. Nothing tastes better than a leaf or two of fresh, buttercrunch lettuce on a midsummer sandwich.

While it seems a bit counterintuitive to live tiny but plant big it is important to allow even your herbs as large an environment as possible to thrive and produce a big yield. True, the small, plastic pots that baby plants come in are cute and fit into your favorite Americana coffee mugs best, they don’t allow much of a future for your countertop garden. Repot as largely as you and let your cup runneth over!
Does your tiny house garden spot get full sun all day? Is it just bright in the morning or bright in the afternoon? Before you start your countertop garden take note of the sun’s pattern in your house. Plant accordingly so your little guys can get their sunshine on too!
I would be remiss not to say that perhaps the most important step to a high-yield, productive, countertop garden is to do a little homework first. Read up on kitchen gardens or small space gardening. There are a ton of books out there and each spring brings about a new crop. Keep a scratchpad handy while you read and take note of plants you find attractive and ones you find tasty. Once you feel like you have a basic understanding of the subject get on over to the seed store and start your garden today!

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