Your ____ Tiny home/Small house/Micro-apartment/RV abode on Film

Your ____ Tiny home/Small house/Micro-apartment/RV abode on Film

Nearly a year ago we asked you to submit your stories of life in a small home to be the subject of a video. We received many responses and out of that we produced two popular videos: one with Kyle and Jenine and their tiny American Dream house on wheels; and a second with the Jordan family in their Shotgun Shack Redux.

Our feature submitted by Debra Jordan of her family’s 320-square-foot home went viral with over a million visit in just a month.

We thought that was fairly successful so we’re going to ask you again for submissions. I’ll re-post our requirements and my details below, but basically anyone with access to a camera (even a still camera with a video setting) should apply.

Who I am

I’m Kirsten Dirksen, a former television producer (MTV, Sundance Channel, Oxygen, Travel Channel) and I now create videos for my husband’s and my website – – and as a blogger for the Huffington Post.

What I’m looking for

I am looking for people who live in small spaces (house, apartment, trailer, yurt, etc) who are interested in being profiled for video stories. You would have to have access to a digital camera (whether a camcorder, something simpler like a Flip camera or even the video setting of your still camera).

What I’ll do with it

I would then edit your story and it would appear on faircompanies, on the Tiny House Blog, on my youtube channel and possibly on the Huffington Post and in a documentary I’m working on (see Can living smaller and simpler make you happier?).

The submissions process

  1. You submit a few paragraphs describing your small home (ideally with photos attached) and explaining why you have chosen to live small (or if you didn’t choose it, what works about it for your lifestyle).
  2. I will select a few people that we think would make great videos.
  3. I will send you more information with shooting tips.
  4. You will videotape your home and I will either interview you via Skype (for an example, see video The Burden of Stuff) or ideally, you (or a friend) will record your own interview describing your home and why it works for you to live small.
  5. You will send me your digital footage via a filesharing service.
  6. I will edit your video and post it to the websites mentioned above.

Please contact me with your submissions at I look forward to hearing about some unique small spaces.

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cj - July 22, 2011 Reply

Count me out! I am one of the many thousands that refuse to have anything to do with the Huffington Post.

    Paige - July 22, 2011 Reply


      cj - July 23, 2011 Reply

      Arianna Huffington is not a popular person. She made her mark with a certain purpose on the backs of wonderful bloggers and then sold them out in the end to go corporate with the other side. You can read all about it…just start googling. See Adbusters for much of the campaign against her paper.

      You will also see why Chris Hedges and other award winning writers will no longer allow work to be used by the Huffington Post.

      Some people should practice what they are trying to preach. I, in no way, said anything about ‘Kirsten’. I also did not express an ‘unkind thought’ for her. If you knew anything about this, you would in fact warn her to not let Arianna Huffington use her work.

      The fact that I don’t have my profile open means nothing. I am not new to this blog. I’m so sorry if that offends.

        paige - July 23, 2011 Reply

        Thanks, cj, for the reply. I did read up on her. Wow! Oddly enough, I am currently reading “The Sociopath Next Door”.She fits the author’s description of what a person without a conscience looks like to a t.
        320 sq. Ft., I love both your blog and fair companies. I didn’t take cj’s comment as negative towards Kirsten.

          cj - July 26, 2011 Reply

          Thank you Paige. I am thrilled to know you looked further into Arianna. Even though I have always loved tiny homes, I also am one that appreciates that they stay in line with my core beliefs; one of those being anti-corporatists politics. Huff Po embraces all that I deem evil. Naturally, given any chance to drop a hint to that…I take. 😉

Debra lives in 320 square feet - July 23, 2011 Reply

Kirsten does a wonderful job of presenting any information she receives with dignity and sensitivity. As I worked with her on our video she was very careful about any concerns I had, and was quick to adjust. I did learn in the process that people will hide behind an anonymous names/account to express their sometimes unkind thoughts, not much we can do about that. I encourage all to make this decision based on her work, check it out – her blog is full of great information for persons desiring to explore new ways of living.

Alex - July 27, 2011 Reply

I love Kirsten’s videos because I always learn something new from them. She shows you things like if you are there.

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