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What’s It Like to Self-Isolate in a Tiny House? Insights from Around the World

During this scary coronavirus pandemic, everyone is affected by stay at home orders. When you live in a tiny house, self-isolation is much more intimate than the average household.

Speaking from my personal experience, my boyfriend and I have five years working and living tiny together. So luckily, we’re used to spending most of our time only a few feet from each other. Of course, it’s tough not to be able to mix up our scenery like we usually do, with trips to the gym and coffee shop, which typically gives us such a refreshing change of scenery. For now, daily walks with our dog are vital to our overall happiness.

But what a fortunate position to be in. After all, what’re a few weeks of staying home compared to not having a home? We feel exceedingly grateful right now for good health and cozy, affordable home of our own.

Like most people, we are doing our best to limit trips out of the house. To achieve this, we tripled the number of groceries we usually buy. Consequently, this resulted in stuffing our pantry space and a small fridge to the max. Due to limited storage space in our 130 square foot tiny house, we supplemented with a cooler on our porch for additional perishables and left a shopping bag full canned food in our car.

But what does it look and feel like during self-quarantine for tiny house dwellers from around the world? Watch these videos to find out.

From light-hearted precautions…

to prepping for lockdown in a tiny home…

Dealing with financial hardships…

while trying to stay sane in small spaces (in our case 130 sqft).

And coping with this strange new normal.

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