The Human Scale of Tiny Homes

Stephen Marshall built his first tiny home as a way to afford his own home in the pricey San Francisco Bay Area. A few decades later, he designs and builds custom tiny homes for people who need extra space, live-in caregivers, home offices and even those breaking county laws and living in his tiny trailers.

In this video, Marshall of the Little House on the Trailer talks about building codes, DIY and tiny homes, the Tiny House Movement as a media event and how McMansions are the fad, but tiny houses are here to stay.

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Amanda - October 20, 2010 Reply

Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing tiny houses on video. I have scoured the web in the past year looking for videos or 360 camera views of tiny houses and just haven’t been satisfied with what is out there!! For those of us who can’t easily visit a tiny house a video is the next best thing!!

Meron - April 13, 2011 Reply

i kind of wanted to hear to what you you where saying but the song the background sound wasnt enabling but the place looks reasonably fair.

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