School Teacher builds Tiny House

A couple of months ago I was able to join Deek Diedricksen in Portland, Oregon. We spent a few hours catching up and then I went over with him to the tiny house he was spending the night in.

This, the “Alberta Modern Tiny House” was built by a school teacher for $17,000 in the Portland, Oregon area on weekends and summers, and used (he estimates) 80% recycled building materials. This tiny house has a full kitchen, bathroom, loft, and a spacious and naturally lit mini-living room.

Deek video taped the tiny house and you can view it here. He has also included some still photos for me to share so enjoy them too.

Also don’t forget Deek’s Hands-On Tiny House Building Workshop in February 2016. The location is Brockton, (25 min from Boston, MA). He has a few more openings and I would like to encourage you to attend.

Brockton workshop flyer


portland modern tiny house outside

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curt - December 20, 2015 Reply

Nicely done- I liked the two levels for the main floor – gives you 8 to 10 more inches in the loft area. the storage over the door was a nice detail. The big windows are nice and glad you were able to reuse them. I also liked the shelving on the wall in the kitchen. did you need to add a extra meter- you would not be able to just plug this into a regular house outlet.

Sparrow - December 20, 2015 Reply

For me, a kitchen is a minor thing. I don’t cook and don’t want to. So I’d have no need for an stove/oven. All I’d need is a sink, counter space for a microwave and coffeepot, a small fridge, and a small dishwasher. All the space saved could go into expanding the bathroom so that it’d be more comfortable and less starkly utilitarian.

Ladder to the loft, I see. That’s out for me. I’m young and would have no issue navigating a ladder – in the day time. But if one has to go to the bathroom at night or early in the morning, climbing down a ladder in the dark would be a pain. Stairs please.

    spacewolf - December 21, 2015 Reply

    You’re young but the ladder is out and you’d need to take up tonnes of valuable space with physical stairs? You can’t/don’t cook but you’d want to cram a dishwasher into a tiny home? lol wut.

Cathy Johnson (Kate) - December 21, 2015 Reply

That’s a honey, so clean and well organized!

Laura - December 22, 2015 Reply

Beautiful house! I particularly like the clean white walls. Did the plywood go directly on top of insulation/framing, and did you use a special seal or paint over the plywood? I’d like to do this in mine, thanks!

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