Planing Rough Cut Lumber For Your Tiny House

Using a variety of saws and woodworking equipment can indeed be intimidating. From planers to scrolls to chops to shapers, the arsenal is lengthy. But nothing looks as good (or smells as good!) or presents as well as nice, home-milled, rough cut lumber.

In building the Tiny r(E)volution tiny house we used no less than three species of rough cut. We used some beautiful 108-year old Yellow Pine, some Eastern Black Walnut, and a very few pieces of 30-year old Cedar. It was truly a wonderful learning experience for us and produced some of the most beautiful and original components of any house we have ever lived in.


In this video I take a few minutes to show how to get a nice, workable piece of lumber from an ordinary rough cut from a tree.


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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

2 thoughts on “Planing Rough Cut Lumber For Your Tiny House”

  1. Please do not use your tools like this guy does. He takes a lot of time talking about safety but never mentions kickback, which he was about to happen when the video went away from his table saw. His so called “industrial” saw is not even equipped with a splitter or other safety equipment.

    • You are absolutely right Boxertwin. I should have mentioned kickback and I didn’t. I was trying to keep the video to a minimum length and in doing so I may have overlooked a couple of things. Please accept my apology. I can assure you though that the edit or “cut” did not involve a kickback at all. And having used the saw for a number of years and projects I have removed both the antikickback pawl and the splitter. My saw was purchased at auction and did not have a blade guard so I don’t have one of those either. I am sorry if you object to my use of my tools. I am not the absolute authority on all subjects regarding construction. This is however an elective video from one persons experience and perspective.


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