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Living a Short Skoolie Lifestyle

Sarge the School bus conversion

Stefanie recently had a short school bus converted into a tiny home on wheels.

Short school buses are in the same class as vans, U-Hauls, and ambulances, which means that this wonderful option for full-time tiny living is sometimes overlooked.

Stefanie designed it to be like a home. She wanted it to look and feel like a home. On a lot of buses, you’ll see that all of the windows are exposed. On Stefanie’s rig, she has a lot of walls, most of the windows are walled up and insulated. Stefanie has a window over her kitchen sink, and then a window over her sofa. So it feels very much like a home.

She feels very secure and it is just like a little studio apartment.

There is a wall that she has between the cabin in the house, not only is its security, but it also works like temperature control. The back of the house is insulated so well, that it keeps about a 10 to 15-degree difference between the front of the cab. The cab still has all the windows,

Stefanie wanted the exterior of my bus to feel like a guy living on the bus. So the exterior is a desert tan and black trim. And then she gave it the name Sarge which is on the top of the bus on the back and front.

Stefanie chose a skoolie or a short bus over a Sprinter van, U-Haul, or an ambulance because of the cost.

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In This Episode:

  • One system for security and climate control
  • The perks of traveling with your home
  • Skoolie safety for solo travelers
  • How to get to know other nomads
  • Why a short school bus makes a great home on wheels

Links and Resources:

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Before and after

inside school bus conversion

The inside is very homey


Everything except the stove and water heater run on solar

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She is fully off-grid

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Her bathroom is tiny and fully functional

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