Four Years Living Tiny. What Works and What Doesn’t.

What is it really like living tiny with children and pets? After living in her tiny house for four years Alexis Monkhouse, a single mom who lives with her “Boss Baby” and their two dogs tells it like it is.

The tiny house is 26 feet long, and eight and a half wide. She has two lofts, and deciding to live tiny was the smartest thing she did her whole life.

Alexis talks to Ethan about all the things that have gone right and some that haven’t during this fun conversation.

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In This Episode:

  • Showing the real tiny life on YouTube
  • Why the composting toilet didn’t work out
  • Thinking of a washer/dryer combo? Listen up!
  • When your builder gives you great advice
  • The one feature Alexis wishes she had and why
  • Popular tiny house cons debunked

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Alexis Monkhouse




Desk and stairs

The copper sink makes the kitchen look warm and inviting

tiny house kitchen

Alexis didn’t need a large kitchen

book cases

But she did want plenty of room to dance and lots of space for books

main loft in tiny house

The main loft has her queen bed and toddler bed, while the second loft holds a full-sized bed

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