Deek’s Lollipop Fort of Death

I just enjoyed a fun weekend with Deek and his brother at his tiny house workshop in Wilmington, North Carolina. I will be sharing a post about the experience soon. Deek and Make Magazine just released his latest video and I wanted to share it with you.

This is what Make Magazine says about his video: This is Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s last video for us. And it’s…a little different. He pokes fun at his rather sketchy looking single-pole tree house, which he jokingly has dubbed “The Lollipop Fort Of Death.” It looks less than safe, but he insists it is. The song he wrote about it sure is catchy.

Be sure and stop by to see more of Deek’s cool designs.

32 thoughts on “Deek’s Lollipop Fort of Death”

  1. Oh man, I am still laughing! Great way to start the morning! Made my granddaughter snort milk out her nose, so make sure you drink yours down before watching.

  2. I swear, every time I see Deek, I think of Mike Myers, and I think that last picture really make him look like the actor. Of course, the video just backs up that thought!

    • Thanks Ryan! Again, it was really great to finally get to hang/talk with you down in NC- hope to see you down the road- meanwhile, best of luck with your build!


      Just kidding, Deek… couldn’t resist, after seeing Steve’s quip. 😉

      LOVED the sick “Lollipop Fort of Death” rap vid (tho’ I hate most rap these days) and you make everything so FUN to watch! 😉
      Still have “Who’s Next, Step up inside” rattling in my head…lol

      Curious, tho’…. Kent? Make Mag said “This is Derek “Deek” Diedricksen’s last video for us.” ?? Was it REALLY necessary? It just sounded so…. idk?… BAD. I’m sure some COMMENTERS there had something to do with that, and I HOPE they don’t represent the consensus here at THB, because I AM A MOTHER, and if a child is ‘old enough’ to ‘surf the net without supervision, then their parents have allowed that they are old enough to be ‘exposed’, however deliberately on their part, or accidentally, to whatever’s out there (here?)… I spent many an afternoon/evening talking to my son, from early on, about the good of the net, and the bad – plus that I would have mysterious ways of investigating EVERY MOVE HE MADE, every link he clicked, later! And I did, too. Even though it was mainly a deterrent, he was pretty good about ‘behaving’. Until he hit 13 or so (that’s ANOTHER story…)

      See, I WORKED on computers (first was my 8Mb/75mhz/500mbRAM Apple Performa 1200!!! lol) from home since 1992 or so, and was on the ‘net with AOL 2.0 on a blazing 14.4kbs modem from 1994 on, during the first 6 years of my son’s life, in the mid 90’s; he was RAISED around computers and AOL/internet and knew how to properly shut my Mac down after a game of Snood, or start it up and launch my FreePPP and get the modem dialing in for me, before he was even in kindergarten. This was in 1996, well before MOST people even knew what the ‘world wide web’ was!

      So to me, it’s oxymoronic that parents could be upset that their kids might ‘see’ something ‘bad’ – it’s up to THEM to teach their children that if they’re old enough to be surfing, they’re old enough to know if something’s ‘bad’ to CLICK AWAY from it. Like dog poo in the YARD: it’s out there, and there’s a chance, sometimes, we might step in it if we go outside. If we’re EDUCATED, however, we KNOW to step away and go clean our shoes off. The little ones that don’t know how to watch out for the poo, well, then… I wouldn’t be letting them out in the YARD just yet, you know?
      And I’m not going to yell at my dog, because that’s where he goes, for Pete’s sake. Not too mention the other dogs, cats, squirrels, etc. that use my back yard as their toilet…

      There are websites that purport to be ‘family friendly’, good for them, but that’s like just ONE of the many ‘houses’ (and there are links to those everywhere) out there — there’s back YARDS with poo in them for every one of them, so it’d be best to either keep the kids off the net completely or get net nanny set up, if they are at an age where you’re worried something like a rap spoof with the word ‘a**’ is going to destroy them…

      Sorry. Just thought I’d say something about the whole ‘last video’ thing.
      It both saddens and infuriates me.
      Deek, you are a straight up, PG13-fun kinda guy. This is the internet, and it IS PG13 on its BEST days, as a rule. You just keep at what you do best, we love you for it!

      I just get so worked up when I see well-intentioned people who would choose squelching talent over spending a few hours monitoring the web WITH their child and using even ‘accidental’ whoopsies as LEARNING MOMENTS (life lesson things)….
      Same way I taught my son how to be careful crossing the street. At some point I had to decide he was old enough to TRUST to look both ways before crossing WITHOUT ME over his shoulder.
      At no point was I ever expecting the traffic to ‘be careful’ and watch out for my child.

      SOrry so long…. it was important to me to share this, in case others don’t know what the ‘last video’ things was, sadly, about… I think… lol

      • I definitely agree with your comments.

        A Grandma, who might ‘get in trouble’ if she sends this to her G-kids.

  3. That was great. Will there be a follow up?
    Would love to see the floor plan, just kidding.
    I like it all, would make a great small place for the grand kids to play

  4. MAKE Magazine was bought out by another company, and subsequently canned ALL of their monthly video hosts/shows, like fourteen different shows, even ones with FAR larger an audience than mine. They’ve been budget cutting left and right, but I was fine with it as I’ve been too busy with HGTV shoots and other related things.

    Also, yes, other videos in the works, check out the itunes song I wrote called “Pickle Jar Window”…..that might be the next how-to video…..

    Thanks all!

    • ATTA BOY, DEEK! 😉
      And thanks for the enlightenment (on Make mag’s ‘situation’ on things)…
      I told you this AGES AGO: you follow your own star and march to your own drummer. No one who’s every been/become ‘anybody’ trod (trods?? wotta word…) the mundane.

      You GO, boy. 😉

  5. Oh My…..I was laughing my head off. Wow, your wife must be one special lady, I tell you. Although, I don’t think she has many boring moments with you around, huh? hee hee

    Really though, it was quite entertaining. I do honestly have a dream to have my own tiny house someday. I love watching all your ideas. It brings me inspiration and hope that I can have this someday. Thanks Deek : ) Namaste

  6. Deek,

    Always a pleasure seeing your work- in whatever form it takes….:)

    I haven’t seen all your projects, and am hoping to purchase your “Shacks and Shanties” book soon, but wanted to ask if you have done any work with larger A-frame designs? ( or even small versions?…)

    I’ve done construction and landscape design for about the last twenty years -(mainly self-taught)
    and I have to say I really get a boost from seeing your creativity and joy that you get from what you do. I don’t know background, or what kind of training you have in the design/ building field, but my hat’s off to you…keep the designs coming- keep up the good work.


  7. Dedek- Just saw the A-frame project on your site- can’t wait to see the finished product!

    Thanks Again!


  8. An 8×8 post is 4/9th’s of a square foot. Way less than most municipalities limit of 100 square feet where a permit is required.

    I’d however go 4 feet into the ground instead of the 3 feet mentioned in the article, just to be below frost level.

  9. I think Deek should use his talent on other things he can build besides sheds,,,or something that is a little more practical than building small doghouses,,,too small for to live in … Thanks Deek for sharing this with us…

  10. That was AWSOME. You can come and build me a tree house anytime. As usual you make my day! I really LOLed. Con’t wait for part two.

  11. I find it a sad comment that people actually think this guy is funny. He and the noise are just extremely annoying. And a wooden box on a pole?? Mediocrity wins out. I see the latest study on U.S. mean IQ being 18 points lower than it was in the mid-1800’s (when half the people were illiterate) is proven correct here. I love 99% of the Tiny House Blog, but this is just pathetic. The box has no merit and if I wanted to watch a Weird Al Yankovic video I’d be over on Youtube.


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