Andrew’s TEDx Tiny House Talk

Andrew Morrison

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Andrew Morrison for over seven years now via the Internet and personally the last year. Andrew is known for his fantastic Straw Bale videos and workshops and in the last year as a tiny house builder and designer. I had the opportunity to introduce Andrew and his wife Gabriella to the tiny house world through the Tiny House Blog.

They have become good friends and Andrew has a talent which I sometimes envy. He is a natural speaker and at ease in front of small groups or large crowds. He also is a talented musician. Andrew recently was featured at TEDx and I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to view his speech.

Learn more about the background of this speech here.

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Andrew and his wife, Gabriella, are the creators of “hOMe”, the 207 SF (+110 SF in lofts) modern tiny house on wheels. They live and work in hOMe full time, off grid, and debt free. With the extra time and money that they have they travel and enjoy time together as a family.

Watch the video below.

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Chuck Baptiste - December 11, 2014 Reply

Loved TEDx made more sense than HDTV

Bella - December 11, 2014 Reply

I appreciate Andrew’s ideas, but I HATE his tiny houses. They look like giant packing crates, and no thank you.

Shell - December 11, 2014 Reply

Great talk. All very true:)

Matthew - December 11, 2014 Reply

I agree with the tiny house idea and am planning on building one but I am extremely irritated at EVERY one of these spokesmen for tiny houses because they always brag about not having a house payment but they NEVER talk about land. I hate to break it to you but you cannot build and live in a tiny house on a public street. You need some land. These ass-clown millionaires and trust fund babies always present it like everyone surely already has an acre or more lying around paid for. Around here land is at a premium. You are not paying $250,000 for the house, but for the land.

    Reid - March 26, 2015 Reply

    Land! Yes, the cost of land and land prep cost was left out of the TEDx talk.

    I want to figure out this part of the puzzle

Sue - December 20, 2014 Reply

Wow, harsh. I love Andrews tiny house because it is modern not like a cabin with the wood all over inside. But that’s the beauty of tiny house that you can customize it to what you like. Also, I don’t have land but have at least 3 places I can park mine perhaps without even any rent. You don’t necessarily have to own land to have a tiny house……

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