All Jacked Up or how to use stabilizer jacks to make your tiny house more steady

When we first moved into our tiny house trailer we almost immediately built a porch and stoop. Coupled with the piers and straps we had to install to be legal in our county we felt very little difference between our THOW and any sticks ‘n bricks we lived in. This was vastly different when we moved into our travel trailer.

Everytime I walked the length of the trailer or used the scissor stairs the trailer would react violently and disturb anyone inside. That is until we found out about good, ‘ol fashioned stabilizer jacks.

In this video I introduce you to stabilizer jacks which are widely available and help make your THOW as solid as a brick foundation.

Before you watch the video though here are a couple of tips when using stabilizer or “stack” jacks:

  • Always carry with you a few six to eight inch long 2×6 blocks. The blocks are placed under the jacks to give them more support if you are parked on soft ground or if the jacks are too short.
  • Consider using plastic ‘blocks’ which are also easy to find and have some advantages over wood blocks. The biggest advantage is less weight to carry. They are also stackable and have a larger surface area.

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By Andrew M. Odom for the [Tiny House Blog]

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