Snowplow Converted Into A Overlander Tiny House

Would you consider converting a former snowplow into a go anywhere overlander tiny house? That was the dream of Phil and Lynn, So they took 10 months to create this amazing tiny home. Phil and Lynn went on to take the next step and have been traveling the world.

In this video Phil and Lynn take us on a tour of their amazing do it yourself overlander, which they use at their full time home and vehicle to travel the world.

Living off their pensions, this retired couple has traveled Europe and most of North America in their beautiful overlander.

Where will they go next? Could you live like this?


Link to Video on the Tiny House Giant Journey Youtube Channel:

Here is a quick overview of what you will find in the video.

  • Meet Phil and Lynn
  • Dreaming of an overland vehicle
  • Overlander build process & total cost
  • A practical home
  • Worldwide travels
  • Is this Tiny House lifestyle affordable?
  • About the vehicle – Man 4×4 Overlander
  • Construction of the overlander body
  • Exterior tour
  • Utilities – water and solar
  • Welcome inside!
  • Bedroom
  • 10:38 Dining room/lounge area
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Hallway
  • Cab passthrough
  • Unique fridge set-up
  • Electrical system & battery bank
  • Philosophy behind this overlander build
  • Let’s go for a ride!
  • Living life to the fullest


queen sized bed

Queen sized bed



go anywhere overlander

The ability to go anywhere with this rig

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