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Wilderwise Two Story Tiny House

Wilderwise tiny house

Wilderwise is taking a custom approach to just about every aspect of their tiny home builds.  From the custom aluminum trailer that doubles as the floor foundation to the aluminum and SIP frame.

What really sets these tiny homes apart is the fact that they expand and have a full-height second floor that is set up once they are parked and in place.

In this interview, Ethan asks Arya how the homes are built, how the second-floor expansion works, and what makes them modular.

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In This Episode:

  • How they seal up the moving parts
  • The difference between a loft and a story
  • Benefits of a taller trailer
  • Aluminum vs steel: what makes a better trailer?
  • Who is buying tiny homes?
  • What’s in the works for Wilderwise

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aluminum trailer

The trailers are made of mostly aluminum, with steel in the axels and tongue

1st floor of trailer

Since the bottom of the trailer houses batteries, tanks, and more, it’s taller than normal

2nd story of trailer

The second story is comprised of upper and lower walls that expand to make room

stair storage

Storage inside of the stairs a requirement in tiny houses

adults can stand in loft

The second story has room for most adults to stand up

bed storage

The bed lifts up for additional storage

living area

The lower cabinets must be moved in order to collapse the second story


Kitchens and appliances are customizable

living room

The whole structure has an average R-value of 24

tiny house and rainbow

Arya splits most of her time between Arizona and Southern California

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Craig Chapman - August 4, 2022 Reply

Aloha: Has any of your members designed a tiny home using heavy duty pallet racks? If so, I’d like to talk with them. The engineering load is already established and can easily go 16’high 12’x24′ with full 12’x14’x7’loft=432sq’and is expandable–then use pre-wired/windows/doors (IMP) R-22/24 insulated metal panels. I’m trying to build affordable units allowing young people and seniors to stay in Hawaii. I need some help.
Mahalo, Craig Chapman

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