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December 9, 2020

Vina Lustado on Designing a Fire-Resistant Tiny Home ADU

Ethan talks today on his podcast with Vina Lustado the designer and business owner of the famous Sol Haus and Sol Pod homes. Filled with light these examples are high end tiny house designs.

As a California resident, Vina has seen the destructive and traumatic effects of wildfires and has answered the call in the best way she knows how: By designing a pre-fab tiny home that can be permitted as an ADU in California and has several fire-resistant design elements.

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In This Episode:

  • An already legal, already permitted and certified, modular tiny house
  • What do “modular” and “pre-fab” really mean?
  • Building a healthy house by using environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials
  • The elements that make up a fire-resistant tiny home
  • Moveable but not mobile: tiny houses on foundations
  • Appendix Q, IRC, ANSI and what Vina does to comply
  • What do the different types of certifications really mean?
  • How Vina is able to get the houses certified and permitted for her clients
  • Why a house certified in CA would still be approved in other states
  • A tiny house foundation and the site work involved
  • Living in a “normal” dwelling after a tiny house
  • What is the future of the tiny house movement?

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