Turning A Hobby into a Jobby with Lisa Flynn

Need a good excuse to shop? Looking for an amazingly fun way to make a living? Love lemonade? We’re thinking you would love doing what our guest at Beautiful Wrecks does. Their mantra is “Stay, Play, or Take it Away” and we love the idea so much we’re not sure which we’ll choose. This week’s interview with Lisa was so fun, we’re already planning a trip to Bend Oregon to tour her amazing collection of vintage trailers at what she calls “Rancho Del-Wrecko”. Lisa describes herself as a pathological risk taker but we wouldn’t mind coming along on “Mr Toad’s Wild Ride” with her at the wheel not one little bit. Hearing her describe her Summer of Fun, made us nostalgic. Listening to her story about how her father influenced her creative side, and how she learned to focus on what’s more important than Family, Life, and Country; helped us appreciate again how our own hard lives have made us better people. Don’t really have the time to listen this week? Need the Cliff Notes version of our show this week? “Do something now. Commit to it. Focus on the goal. And, it’s OK to change your mind.”


Listen here.

Lisa Flynn

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