Trying to Keep Up with Darin Zaruba

Few people in the tiny house movement have has as great of an impact as our guest this week, Darin Zaruba. While he tends to prefer to remain very much in the background, his conviction is front-and-center-evident during his brain-child-event “The Tiny House Jamboree”. (both of them!) And that’s not the only major project he has on his plate! As the President of Eco Cabins, and now the Publisher of Turning Tiny (now available as an e-book, just in time for Christmas!) he noticed, early, the opportunities that the movement would bring and didn’t hesitate a moment to get involved and out in front of the not-really-tiny wave of interest. If you’re a facebook stalker like Michelle is, you’ve no doubt noticed him lobbying far and wide and often for better coding and zoning that will allow tiny houses to finally be legal. Darin is seemingly everywhere that tiny houses are and sometimes we wonder if he has a twin or a clone! His energy is contagious, his creative side is admirable, and his drive is unstoppable. (Psst…..if you listen real closely, you might hear the latest scoop about the location for the next Jamboree…. Sshhh, it’s a secret!)

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